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Friday, June 15, 2007

Dawn in the 7th House?

Wow...It seems every blog I've looked at this week all seem to be headed for a collision course...perhaps that day is already planned for us 07/07/07

The NASA "Dawn" Mission to asteriods?/dwarf planets? Vesta/Ceres (yup that's right...a date with the goddess for 2015) which has been shuffled around for several years now, and scheduled most recently for June 30, 2007 has once again been held scheduled launch window. July 7, 2007. You don't say...? Lucky #7 for the universe.

Isis Unveiled indeed...

Spirals, Bees, Crop Circles, Stargates, and Atlantis abound as we draw closer and closer to savior Gore's Earth orgy (Banned in D.C. any Bad Brains fans out there?) or Live Earth as they are calling it. I for one can't wait to see what goes down on this holiest of holies. Clear out those TiVo's, change the battery on your laptop, it's going to be a busy few weeks...I can feel it, can't you?

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The synchromysticism is so thick right now you can cut it with a knife. A few random things I dug up yesterday as I was having this experience...Credit where credit is due. Hoi Polloi mastermind of Sabrina's Journey set me off with her "7 Stages of Alchemy" insights. Brilliant.

Is this the key to 7/7/7 Alchemy?...all the stories leading us to one place. The Christian creation of 7 Days, which spawned The 7 Virtues and 7 Deadly sins. The 7th Son of the 7th Son, The mythic 7 cities of Gold (any wonder there), The 7 Wonders of the World, from the heart of Iraq "The Arabian Nights" tales brought us The 7 Voyages of Sinbad. The proposed 7 Islands of Atlantis and even our beloved Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" The synchromystic hepatology of Harry Potter and "The Chronicles of Narnia" I could go on and on here but I think (hope) you get the picture.

Just ask Brad Pitt, maybe he knows...he seems to have been down this road or perhaps he's been chosen to lead us down this road. "SE7EN", "Seven Years in Tibet", and "Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas". We see our watery serpent friend (The Kracken/Octopus), and a compelling 9/11 Stargate in the mountains of Tibet. Let's not forget an oldie but goodie also from the Brad Pitt vault. The infamous "Ocean's 11" (9/11 Synchromystic media blitz). The remake (notice the wonderful "7" of the craps dice 7/11 anyone?) eerily was released on Pearl Harbor day 2001 as highlighted in blood red on the poster with the clever "Are you in or out?" tagline. Or is it "07" to point to the future...say, 2007?

Genesis "Seven Stones"
I heard the old man tell his tale:

Tinker, alone within a storm
And losing hope he clears the leaves beneath a tree
Seven stones
Lay on the ground
Within the seventh house a friend was found

And the changes of no consequence
Will pick up the reins from nowhere

Sailors, in peril on the sea
Amongst the waves a rock looms nearer not yet seen
They see a gull
Flying by
The captain turns the boat and he asks not why

And the changes of no consequence
Will pick up the reins from nowhere

Despair that tires the world
Brings the old man laughter
The laughter of the world only grieves him, believes him
The old man's guide is chance

I heard the old man tell his tale:

Farmer, who knows not when to sow
Consults the old man clutching money in his hand
With a shrug
The old man smiled
Took the money, left the farmer wild

And the changes of no consequence
Will pick up the reins from nowhere

Despair that tires the world
Brings the old man laughter
The laughter of the world only grieves him, believes him
The old man's guide is chance

Don't forget the 7 visible planets... and also the timeless battle between Pluto (Hades) and Ceres (Demeter) over daughter/wife Persephone, now being waged for planetary privledge? The war rages on, the universe of the ancients in flux? Has scientific classification played a role? I shall return to this particular story another day.


Anonymous said...

Hey Todd,

Yer darn right, duder...

I feel it too, and I am loving every minute of it.

As the Evil Bono Vox tells us...
'It's everything I wish I didn't know...'

But what a feeling.

I think this marvelous art of synchro-mysticism is really a Cosmological Jazz Session and we few are it's priviledged players.

It is an honor to tap out an occasional flourish to your (and other's) rich and splendid melodies.

Let's keep it cookin'

Right On

The Wrong Way Wizard

Newspaceman said...

nbWhat about the concert for "Saint Diana. 21/07/07. ie 3x7=21.


Waesar said...

i fear i'm about to drop a synchromystic nuclear warhead and bubble charts everywhere are going to spiderweb out of control.
it's plenty of fun playing degrees of seperation with actors but if we are so fond of following resonance lets not look into a musical composer shall we...
let me present to the jury a John Williams.
since we are dealing with seven (7) let us start with a movie you have already mentioned:

seven years in tibet

further your honors i present a few more modest (huh) involvements:

time tunnel (shout out to the brave new world order body of work of which i believe all the following apply)
schindlers list (shout out to a recent wrong way wizard post)
home alone (shout out to steve willner/ soundlessdawn)
amazing stories: without diana (shout out to newspaceman who just used the word)
harry potter
indiana jones
star wars
war of the worlds
conductor at the centennial olympic torch relay ceremonies
conductor for the special live 20th anniversary premiere of E.T.
aliens from another planet (TV)
revamping of drucula (TV)

there's more at imdb but we could run ourselves ragged with all of these subject matters already! the implications!

oh and did you mention bees? check out:
just so happens he's got some insight that also plays into the hexagonal 9/11 funhouse... i mean, ya know.. bees. the sun. and 2010-ish.

well as for on 7.7.7. i'll be attending a metal 'ritual' of cosmic proportions featuring from start to finish:
wolves of the throneroom
(and the venerable...)
sunn o)))

see any occult undertones? hahaha namaste. let the ritual of life continue!

Waesar said...

OH! P.S.!

"You've gotta be right, you better take it.
If you don't act right, you'll never... make it!

So understand me when I say, there's no love for this U.S.A. This world is doomed with it's own segregation, Just another nazi test.

Yeah, The Big Takeover yeah-ah-, My Big Takeover yeahh,yeah-yeah."

the bad brains rule! rock for light!
please check out my current band Akamai Boyz.

love, Ah Pook

Newspaceman said...

Hiya, Harry Potter seventh film due out on 21st (three sevens) july as well.


A.V. Michaels said...

Spooky...I was just about to post something about 7/7/7 and Ceres and totally stumbled on this; you were posted in someone else's blog in my reader...I'll be back, lots of great stuff here. Just had to link to you, too awesome. Happy 777 day.
(blog now