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Thursday, October 18, 2007

BEE-Witched, Bothered, and BEE-Wildered

It would seem that Bee Madness has overtaken the blogisphere, and perhaps the collective unconscious of everyone around the globe. To quote Jerry Seinfeld, who is everywhere these days promoting his "BEE MOVIE", "What's the deal with..." ALL THE FREAKING BEES? In a time when we are being told bee populations are in serious jeopardy, they seem to BEE all around created one's anyway. Even the typically stoic Alan Watt has been on a bit of a bee kick in some of his most recent Radio appearances, WAXING poetic on the BeeOrg (Borg) hive.

**In one of the most AMAZING synchromystic moments since I became involved in this crusade, and one that could propel one Jake Kotze into the cosmos for his exhaustive research...behold SUPER MARIO GALAXY!**


See Steve Willner's "Mario in Space" article which brought this sync to light.

ADDED 4:20pm (I ain't kidding) Friday October 19th
iAdmin at the eLLUMINATI Blog has made his first major post, he fired off an email to The Looking Glass, and it's a DOOZY...hang on to your hats boys and girls

The current theory (sorry JB, it's still in theory mode in my mind) put forth by JB over at The Meta-Logic Cafe' is that CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) doesn't exist, the bees aren't in fact dying off, they are "in hiding" underground. Hiding from what? there is the trillion dollar question. In a duel audio effort video with Super Psychonaut Steve Willner last month entitled "Galactic Alignment, Floyd, and the Hyperdimensional Bees", we explored both bees and animal reactions to eminent danger....could it BEE that they know something we don't? I am personally starting to think that there is a HIGH degree of fact to this line of thinking.

Steve Fossett poses with his BEE inspired flight suit from TIME Magazine

Frequent contributor to The Looking Glass, VAPO, brings it hard today with the Steve Fossettesque disappearance of Microsoft database GOD Jim Gray (notice Jim/Jean Gray/Grey of Phoenix/X-Men fame) on January 28th, 2007. In striking similarity to Fossett, Mr. Gray a seasoned veteran to boating with HIGH TECH equipment at his disposal vanished without a blip. He departed San Francisco Bay in his 40 ft. speed boat for a simple 30 mile voyage to spread the ashes of his recently deceased mother, only to disappear without a trace. How is it that all the sophisticated GPS gadgets (and those that the mega-wealthy are know to employ) that the public is told could save their lives (and which they are gobbling up) can't turn up two high profile guys like Fossett & Gray?

Read about the Jim Gray disappearance at the following links:

At the time was called in to assist in the search via satellite imaging. In another interesting connection it was Jim Gray's innovations and database programs that allow for this web-based ability. [I strongly suggest looking at his profile on wikipedia [** just click here!!**] This internet based propaganda event encouraged common "Joes" into the search, mirrors Sir Richard Branson's Google based effort for his GREAT friend Steve Fossett only months later. This seems like a bold statement of "We can track YOU but we can't find them" Give me a break...

Heart "Magic Man" Notice the symbols on the drum face

Disappearing Bees...disappearing people...magic, slight of hand or a terrestrial retreat for good behavior? Now consider the classic novel by Ayn Rand, "Atlas Shrugged" (also see my previous mention of Atlas in "Trident Alert"), in which the brilliant minds of the time opt to "disappear" from society for a well deserved rest in the fictional mountain paradise of Galt's Gulch [or GG which could signify 77 or OZ]. Galt's Gulch is said to be based on the tiny town of Ouray, Colorado...Colorado being the claimed haven of The New World Order, home to Steve Fossett, and the final resting place of John "Denver".

By odd coincidence, as of September 29, 2007, lists "Atlas Shrugged" as being "Back in development" with one Angelina Jolie [see Miss Hoi Polloi's insightful "Bee Hunter" from Wednesday Sept. 26th article for more], and hubby Brad Pitt (Well or Mine) in starring roles. Hmmm, Sept. that is a date which I seem to recall played a role in the Steve Fossett, missing nuke story played out here merely a week or so ago.

Ayn Rand has been the subject of much discussion recently. Alan Greenspan discussed his friendship with her on 60 Minutes, and Freeman Fly [link here] spoke of her in a late September radio show. Forever controversial her concept of Objectivism laid the ground work for the comic character Mr. A , D.C.'s The Question who later incarnated in Alan Moore's "The Watchmen" as Rorschach. [See the Ceres Death Ritual (Series) Part II]...Adam Star can hopefully tidy this side of the story up for us at a later date! (Please!!!....)


Adam Star said...

Somehow this post slipped by me earlier. It's rather swimmy with me today, it all keeps spiraling into itself doesn't it?

All credit goes to you for the fascinating The Question, Rorschach, Baskin Robins, Ceres, Persephone's Bees, Eleusian Mysteries insight, just absolutely amazing to me.

I need to scratch into this. Steve Ditko is nearly as much of an enigma as Wally Wood in ways, such a different line and flavor from, for example, Kirby. Spider-Man is a part of this we've seen, and Dr. Strange is profoundly interesting as well. Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges decipher Fulcanelli (the Vulcan) and seem to have a concept of what may be going on. Vincent Bridges sometimes uses the appellation Dr. Strange. More on this to be sure. When does the "Watchmen" movie come out?

iAdmin said...

Bees buzzing everywhere, thank you for the link my friend! Jim Gray/jean gray phoenix disappearance phenomenon is very interesting!!!Keep up the good work..

aferrismoon said...

Masterfully strung together pieces of amsterfully strung together pieces. The Grey phenom- like the little Green men. Why are the little green men now called the Greys , soon they'll be Confederates. Whoops up pop the Blue Meenies.
Bewitched, with Tabitha, I enjoyed that in my Childhood Magus days, wiggle dat wabbit nose.
Bewildered B.Wilder be wilder than Billy Wilder.
Disappearing agents of Intel off to the mountain retreat. Away from the parasitic hive-mind to clean dream Shambhalla - one wonders whu the Dalai left, or can't get back again. The Chinese just whisk off usefuls for another country.
Ayn Rand - John Nash- Lewis Strauss - oh so practical.

Vapo said...

Hello Todd ~ First thank you for the is greatly appreciated! Excellent job in presentation and very well written. I wonder where we would bee if were not for Jim Gray, as his work was solely responsible for the foundation and creation of Google and Amazon(in the future Googlezon) His work also was what also created Terraservice.

Now excuse me while(while I kiss the sky)I ramble a bit..

Also Sailboats take a very LONG time to sink due to their constuction of Foam and Balsa.

Also the true distance is actually 25.5 to 27 miles depending where you land at the Farallon Islands. If you use the 25.5 X 2 = 51
His boat was Red/White/Black

Now for something that is really strange:

When you read it keep in mind Royal(Jelly), Pyramids and Beehive..your going to get a synch kickbuzz out of this. :)

Also I found it interesting that on the same day (both in the AM) the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster occurred in the United States, over the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of central Florida, at 11:39 a.m. EST on January 28, 1986 Probably means nothing.

Farallon means Rock..interesting that Branson bailed out the failing Northern Rock bank:

Now for another stretch.. the person that did the interview for the Coast Guard..her last name was Marrs(red).. here it is uncut..

Ok I think have taken up enough space for now so I will leave you with two thoughts:

What is deaf like a Bee and made music? BEEthoven

What is White/Black/Red?

O BEE wan can know BEE - White
Darth Vadar - Black
Phantom Menace - Red

Thanks again!


FilmNoir23 said...

Well strung (or stung) my friends!

I will take some time to look at all the material presented here. Will likely have to do a follow-up based on it all...BEAR with me!

Vapo said...

I forgot to add two things.. in the Mario video you see " Why thank you New Bee"..I equate that to mean in welcome to the Hive.

Baskin Robins -51- Flavors

Have a great day!