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Thursday, May 31, 2007

"I scream, You scream, We all scream for...Ice Cream?"

Take a walk back in time with me, will you? It was April 30th/May 1st (Beltane), 2001...or as we here in the states now refer to it Pre-911 (which seems to have now replaced A.D. in our dating system). A 24 year old Jewish woman from California, Chandra Levy (see also former D.C. intern Joyce Chaing and Modesto/Ceres, CA. resident Laci Peterson) goes missing in Washington, DC. Chandra Levy serves as the perfect Persephone in my ongoing Ceres Death Ritual. In the weeks/months leading up to 9/11 the media has a field day with this story.

The main focus of the investigation is then Congressman Gary Condit from California. The former mayor of Ceres, CA. (!) it appeared, had been having a tryst with the young Bureau of Prisons intern. In true political form, Condit himself had been one of the leading voices calling for the head of then President Bill Clinton for his extra-marital escapades with an early 20's, Jewish, Californian turned D.C. intern Monica Lewinsky (now that's a mouthful of synchromysticism).

In his 2001 article "THE CHANDRA LEVY AFFAIR" theorist Sherman H. Skolnick suggests many more sinister connections. Skolnick claims both Lewinsky and Levy worked for Mossad, that Levy's position at the Bureau of Prisons put her in direct connection with sensitive information that, if leaked, could have uncovered much about Oklahoma City and other diabolical government cover-up's. Directly, we do know that Chandra Levy worked PR with the media for the scheduled (May 16th, 2001 delayed due to crooked tactics) execution of one of our "Ceres Death Ritual" fall-guys, Timothy McVeigh (in another twist of fate...Gary Condit was originally from Oklahoma not far from both Ceres and Oklahoma City, OK.).

During this period one of Miss Levy's duties was to check the visitor log assigned to McVeigh. In another 2001 article "CHANDRA'S DANGEROUS KNOWLEDGE" author Jim Rarey goes down the rabbit hole by restating Internet reports that MKultra guru Dr. Louis Jolyn West visited McVeigh no less than 17 times during his incarceration. Did Chandra came across something damning? Was she about to spill the beans? Did her immanent return to California, and intimate insights into the purported libertine lifestyle of Gary Condit seal her fate? I HIGHLY recommend looking at the information related to this case. It's fascinating!

Without going into every detail of the case (which is not my intent as you shall see), something other than just the Ceres connection to Condit struck me during my investigation. A rather insignificant, rarely examined "Synchromystical" detail emerged in the form of Baskin Robbins, the once glorious ice cream chain. On May 1st, 2001 (the day after the last time she was seen alive) someone was logged onto the Internet from Chandra Levy's computer for over 3 hours visiting various websites. One of the 30 plus sites visited that day was (interestingly, map directions to the area which would later (and for over a year) become her underworld-like graveyard were also accessed that morning).

In early 2005 after his failed congressional re-election bid, Condit moved to Phoenix (of course)/Glendale, Arizona and opens two Baskin Robbins franchises. Shortly after Condit gets into the ice cream game, who should purchase Baskin Robbins? The Carlyle Group...among two other private equity firms, Thomas Lee Partners and Bain Capital. Bain Capital was founded in 1984 by none other than Mormon, and Presidential Candidate Mit Romney. What a tangled legacy surrounds this seemingly harmless endeavor. This SCREAMS of "front" does it not, dear readers?

It would also appear that Mr. Condit is now experiencing his own karmic (or is it Masonic?) "payback" as he is embroiled in a lawsuit with Baskin Robbins over a 14k(?) debt for franchise fees which snowballed when Condit continued to use the Baskin Robbins name at both franchises even after they were revoked by the company. This case is on-going. (It is important to note that Condit's children and brothers are all involved in their own "dirty deeds" Also, look for Crispin Glover later this year in "I Scream Man", [A small, sleepy town has its share of secrets. In Hooper, Wyoming, the children have their own dark secret. When a psychologically bruised street vendor rolls into town using sweets as a facade for his vicious intentions, it means death is near for the guilty. He has come for a reason. He won't leave till he has cleansed Hooper of its depravity; till he has exterminated the ones who deserve it.] should be interesting...

That brings me to the NEW logo for Baskin Robbins. Comments from the website Under Consideration (for graphic design professionals) alert us to that fact that something here might be amiss:

Randy’s comment is:

The BR/31 works well in spirit, but damn if some of those letterforms (S? K?) don't feel like they're borrowed from the Greek coffee cups. The capital Ns are also a strange choice.

On Apr.07.2006 at 10:09 AM

EJV’s comment is:

Ugh...the Baskin Robbins is barely legible now. The only thing that should be commended is that they found a way to fit in the number 31. Except it now reads like "baskin BRrobins," whatever that is.

On Apr.07.2006 at 10:44 AM

Patrick Bennett’s comment is:

That Baskin Robbins logo makes my eyes bleed.

I'm trying to form some better critique of it, but I truly can't stand looking at it.

On Apr.07.2006 at 12:02 PM

Patrick C’s comment is:

BR — The intent behind the new logo is right IMO. Ice cream is very fun after all and the old logo was a little "square." I also have to commend them for having the balls to use Variex as I've always thought that font was almost unusable. My reaction, however, is that it just looks so messy. Mostly due to the "BR" in the middle. Does anyone say: "let's go to BR"? I've always said the full name and liked it. Perhaps if they had just stuck with the 31 in the middle I would like it more. Justin—great comment about the original logo looking trendy's so true.

On Apr.07.2006 at 12:03 PM

I think that it is clear even to the trained eye, that the new design is creating an unsettling feeling. At first glance we see baskin BR robbins (with the "31" of 31 Flavors cleverly highlighted in their novelty pink...from the trademark pink spoons used to serve samples on) . Let's take a more mystical look at this logo...this time don't let the pretty pink color cloud what you're seeing. I see... baskin I3I? robbins. Two towers (Boaz and Jachin) on either side of the magick number "3" (or even the horns of Aries) followed by our old friend The Question Mark (or sickle of Ceres)...

Other Synchromystical connections to our new friends at Baskin Robbins (from wikipedia) include: Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan both prefer above all other B&R's Pralines 'N Cream, Rosie O'Donnell and Barack Obama both scooped for them, in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Grudge Match", conspiracy buff The Question sneaks into a Baskin-Robbins and discovers that there are 32 flavors (This continued connection tells me that The Question knows or the key itself is just to question), and in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a military truck traveling to the location of alien contact at the base of Devil's Tower is disguised with Baskin-Robbins labelling.

This incredible image comes from
and shows a Baskin Robbins truck in Kuwait circa 1991 during Gulf War I

Back in 2001 was Gary Condit already planning to open Baskin Robbins franchises someday? Was he given two franchises for his "loyal" services and a job "well done" only later to have them taken away for a "slip-up"? Is there something uncanny happening behind the scenes of Baskin Robbins, and why are the elite and military industrial complex connected to them? I mean it's not exactly like Baskin Robbins is one of the BIG boys of the ice cream world anymore.

May 22nd, 2007 marked the 5th Anniversary of the discovery of Chandra Levy's body in D.C.'s Rock Creek Park (oft cited as being linked to the Masonic Geometry of Washington, although I have not been able to find specifics to back this up). Two days later (May 24th) her mother met with new (least we forget former Masonic control-agent Charles H. Ramsey ) Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier to discuss the search for her daughter's killer. "While she would not say what the two discussed, Levy did say that as a woman and a mother, Lanier knows what she is going through." Watch out Condit (Hades), here comes Ceres. Something tells me we haven't heard the end of this tale yet.



hoi polloi said...

So glad you brought up Chandra Levy! It was telling how she and Condit just seemed to drop off the radar all of a sudden-never heard from in the media again. I think that whole case went down right before 9/11 if I'm not mistaken. The BR logo is definately not what it appears. Why would a designer deliberately make something so ugly unless there was a reason? Great interpretation of the logo by the way. I tried writing it myself and turning it on its side, it looks like a heiroglyph...

FilmNoir23 said...

one of the designer comments suggested that it had to do with the particular font that they used (which he always thought was unusable).

It's a bizarre story no matter how you look at it. And yes, it was 9/11 that kind of "threw water" on it.

Thanks for the comment!