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Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Kid on the Block

Hey readers! Check it out...I'm on the Occult of Personality podcast.

Thanks to Greg for having me on, it truly was an honor. I think it went well (although I was nervous as hell), the conversation was lively and interesting (IMHO)...what more could you want right? Who knows maybe I'll be asked back sometime. Enjoy, and listen to ALL his guests, it's a great show.


Kentroversy said...

Greetings, Todd:

Congrats on your blog, excellent stuff, my brother!

Also, I greatly enjoyed the recent interview you did with Greg of 'Occult of Personality.' Very interesting comments on the VT mind-control massacre, as well!

Thank you kindly for linking to my work, and I will be adding your link to the blog list that appears on my sites.

Esoterica, non exoterica ...

Warmest Regards,

Buffalo, NY USA

hoi polloi said...

Hi Todd, I find the issue of genetic alteration of crops very interesting. You mentioned the company Monsanto- I used to date a guy whose father worked for them and he was a real champion of crop modification as a way to help farmers save money. I took a look at the Ceres website for crop development[] Its logo looks like a spiral

FilmNoir23 said...

It's all starting to come together isn't it? Most of the crop material I have been looking at is so dry and scientific it's difficult to make sense of much less write about. I think it's all done that way on keep people from even caring. It's made my Part III difficult to get off the ground but with the whirlwind of stuff being written right now...I'm starting to see clearer connections. Although the big piece s still seem elusive. I think you're really onto something yourself actually.

FilmNoir23 said...


What can I say man...I am a fan of your work, and am honored that you stopped by.

Anonymous said...

Crops are the Key because they represent the fulfillment of the destiny of Cain and those who bear his Mark.

And check out the OMEN II when an trustee to the young Damien, played by Robert FOX-worth, no less, delivers a chilling monologue about Crop Modification and Domination.

Also, didn't Kissinger or some other of the like say 'To control food is to control the World'.

Man, O Man is this an Awe-ful and Awe-some time to be Alive.

The WWWiz

Crackpot! said...

Great interview, Todd. I was delighted to hear your perspective regarding the Virgina Tech spectacle.

At first, I thought you were one of the fellas that co-hosts the 'Out There Radio' show. You two sound alike and live in the same area of Georgia.

Keep your eyes peeled and hold on tight, kids.

Newspaceman said...

If we said that each plant was an individual (which it is), then could we not say that a crop circle or geometric pattern was not just in fact a symbol of the collective plants "thinking" ?. maybe? cheers

aferrismoon said...

Genesis Ch.1 v.1 [ in Hebrew] is made of 7 words using 28 letters
Before July and August became months September was the 7th month . This makes the attacks on 7/7 and 9/11 the attacks on 7/7and7/11.
If we the letter J like Y [ often done in Latinate languages] it says 'You lie'
So which calendar[s] do we/they use.