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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bowling for Geronimo REVISITED

"America is not a young land: it is old and dirty and evil. Before the settlers, before the Indians. The evil is there waiting."

---William S. Burroughs

In December of 2007, I was looking into some of the connections between some Fall rituals...Thanksgiving, Football and ultimately traditional Holiday Bowl games. They can be found here, here, here and here. Part of the inspiration for these writings at the time had to do with the Geronimo legend, his missing skull, and claims that it was long ago stolen and has been residing at "The Tomb" with the Order of the Skull & Bones at Yale University ever since. This story has now resurfaced, as ancestors of Geronimo are suing Yale and The United States Government.

Descendants of Geronimo, who died in a prison at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, 100 years ago yesterday, filed suit in federal court in Washington, seeking the return of his remains from Fort Sill, Yale and “wherever else they may be found.”

In 1918 or 1919, a group of Yale University students including Skull & Bones member Prescott Bush, father of former U.S. President George H.W. Bush and grandfather of former President George W. Bush, may have opened the tomb in Fort Sill, removed Geronimo’s skull, some bones and related burial items and took them to Yale’s campus in New Haven, Connecticut, according to the complaint.

In an interesting side note from the same Bloomberg news article:

Yale agreed in 2007 to return to the government of Peru some of the artifacts archeologist and Professor Hiram Bingham excavated from Machu Picchu almost a century ago. Peru had threatened to sue Yale for the 300 museum-quality pieces, consisting of skeletons, ceramic pots and jewelry, dug up from the Incan city in the Andes between 1911 and 1916. [Yale interested in a HIRAM??? Go figure...]

In retrospect, should we be at all surprised about the increasing number of shocking decapitations happening all over the the time, I was also writing about Skulls making high profile appearances as Art and Fashion statements...perhaps all brought on by the hype surrounding the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel...but we've also seen a new golden age of piracy since then as well...It's not just the "Dark Knight" at work. Think about it.


Christopher Knowles said...

Baphomet forever. The skull as an object of veneration. Old as time, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

yeah todd -- the recent decaps fit right in with the whole templar/johannite m.o. of the east coast spook-ocracy "administering" this nation

i think the lawsuit is a year or two old, tho ... correct me if i'm wrong....

i also used the burroughs quote, in my pieces on the mesa verde and chaco canyon megasorcery sites in the land o enchantment

as with skull and bones' geronimo interest etc, it's a re-use of negative energies already stored in the land

bill burroughs was a man who knew too much, and even all the writing and drugs couldnt relieve that burden

cronenberg's film version of "naked lunch" is a great adaptation of a v complex work, and v revealing of the hidden dimensions of opiates



Loren Coleman said...

And so, what do we find happening and being published concurrently in Oz (Australia)? The following is from the Sydney Morning Herald:

'Bowling ball' decapitation killer loses appeal
February 20, 2009 - 12:13PM

A man who brutally decapitated a homeless teenager and then used his head as a bowling ball has had his appeal against his conviction dismissed.

James Patrick Roughan was 27 in July 2008 when he was found guilty by a Queensland Supreme Court jury, for the second time, of murdering Morgan Jay Shepherd on March 29, 2005, at Sandgate, north of Brisbane.

Mr Shepherd, 17, was stabbed 133 times and decapitated, before his head was used as a puppet and a bowling ball.

Roughan and co-accused Christopher Clark Jones, then 23, were jailed for life.

Witnesses told the Brisbane court the two had bragged about the murder.

After being found guilty of murder in the first trial with Jones, Roughan appealed the verdict in the Court of Appeal in Brisbane in December 2007 and won the right to a retrial by himself.

Unsuccessful in both trials, Roughan once again appealed his conviction in the Court of Appeal on February 2.

Roughan's lawyer argued that other than two admissions made by Roughan about the murder, all other prosecution evidence was circumstantial and the crown didn't have a strong case.

While the defence admitted Roughan was involved in the mutilation and disposal of Mr Shepherd's body, they argued there was no evidence that proved Roughan was involved in the actual killing and that he was only a passive onlooker.

The Court of Appeal referred to a transcript between Jones and Roughan in a prison van secretly recorded by police after their arrest.

"I'm taking responsibility for what I've got, your soul's condemned to hell because you're weak," Roughan said to Jones.

"You'll see, you'll be spending (time in prison) with me for a long, long time mate. That's if, that's if you survive, mind you.

"You've got a long time to live with your fing self now. Let's see if you can handle it without committing suicide."

In the Court of Appeal summary, Justice Justice Patrick Keane said the prison van conversation debunked the defence's argument that Roughan was a passive onlooker.

"The conversation between Jones and the appellant in the prison van set out above afforded good evidence of the nature of their relationship with each other," Justice Keane said.

"It revealed that the appellant was not afraid of Jones."


Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe this story was on the front page of my local newspaper. When so called secret societies are mentioned here, you really have to step back and think about the implications of it.

ZHP said...

Related to the Burroughs quote...
In his well-documented and researched book, The Search For Lost America, Salvatore Michael Trento writes of Colonel Joseph Bryant, a Dartmouth-educated Mohawk chief talking to a scholar, Mr. Woodruff:“Among other things relating to the western country,” says Mr. Woodruff, “I was curious to learn in the course of my conversations with Mr. Brant, what information he could give me respecting the tumuli (mounds) which are found on and near the margin rivers and lakes, from the St. Lawrence to the Mississippi. He stated, in reply, that the subject had been handed down time immemorial, that in an age long gone by, there came white men from a foreign country, and by consent of the Indians established trading houses and settlements where these tumuli are found. A friendly intercourse was continued for several years; many of the white men brought their wives, and had children born to them; and additions to their numbers were made yearly from their own country. These circumstances at length gave rise to jealousies among the Indians, and fears began to be entertained in regard to the increasing numbers, wealth, and ulterior views of the new comers; apprehending that, becoming strong, they might one day seize upon the country as their own. A secret council, composed of all the chiefs of all the different nations …was therefore convoked…a resolution that…all their white neighbors …should be exterminated. The most profound secrecy was essential to the execution of such a purpose; and such was the fidelity with which the fatal determination was kept, that the conspiracy was successful, and the device carried completely into effect. Not a soul was left to tell the tale.”(William L. Stone, Life of Joseph Brant-Thayendanega, p. 484)

Anonymous said...

"i think the lawsuit is a year or two old, tho ... correct me if i'm wrong...."


correction -- i've been reminded that the prior incident between these parties wasn't a lawsuit, but a letter sent by geronimo's descendants demanding return of all stolen items

as for loren coleman's comment . . . decapitation of "Shepherd" is about as johannite-ish as it gets

futher information on the reasons behind the original theft of geronimo's body parts has just surfaced, i should have something on my blog about it soon


Newspaceman said...

Todd, here is another one, a Mr. Thomas Anthony Hopkins, who ran Red Dragon security services, and somehow chopped his own head off.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad this is being talked about, this story in particular (the stealing of Geronimo's Skull by the Skull and Bones), has always bothered me deeply...out of all the news and articles about the 'elite', this always just seemed like the ultimate 'F-You' to shamanic indigenous people...It really shows that these guys (and gals) don't mess around and take what they do very seriously. It's just a whole other level of power hoarding that I just can't understand. I'm really just sad at how beautiful and amazing life is and can be, and to know these bastards are in control, just makes my blood boil...I guess my struggle is nothing new, it's been like this since time immemorial...I just needed to vent somewhere...thanks Todd