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Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Two Ruses Look the Same...

"The Monopoly Men" from 1999

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Kal Dani said...

Hello Todd, i think you might be interested in my latest piece and if you dont mind ill plug it on your webpage! It is a coming prophecy of mine for later this year pertaining to Iraq. I have lots of previously undiscovered odd facts!

A small excerpt - May 1st 2009 - Declaration of end of hostilities - Also one of the eight stations of the year, May day/Beltaine - Bush lands on an aircraft carrier at 3.33 and declares victory. The aircraft carrier was the USS Abraham Lincoln which is odd as it was launched on 13 February 1988 which was precisely 5555 days when Bush lands. Which makes it 1111 days till the last day of the first Iraq war. There were 321 days left in the year when the ship was launched except that 1988 was a leap year meaning 322 remaining - the number of the super elite, super secret Skull and bones society of which Bush and his father are both members.

Thanks, Kal.