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Friday, November 27, 2009

Orange Alert/ Black Friday (UPDATED)

TIGER Woods (Aged 33) seriously injured early this morning (2:25 am) outside his home in ORANGE County Florida at 6348 Deacon Circle.


It seems that initial media reports that hot shot golfer Tiger Woods had been "seriously" injured in a car wreck early Friday morning were greatly exaggerated. Turns out Woods somehow hit both a fire hydrant and a tree backing out of his own driveway; leaving him with face lacerations. Police reports suggest that air bags in his '09 Cadillac SUV did not deploy, and his model-wife responded by smashing out his rear windshield with a golf club in order to free him from the vehicle...? Really!?

Also reported was that Woods was unconscious for up to six minutes during the, let's imagine Elin Nordegren single-handedly pulling him from the there more to this story than we are being told still? Consider that just days before the incident, rumors began to circulate that Tiger Woods was having an affair.

Huffington Post from 11/25/09

Scratches to the face, a windshield busted out with a golf club...sounds more like the rage of a woman scorned to me.

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