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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New World Airport throws a bone,0,5366148.story

"When asked why the Masons were allowed to bury artifacts in an international airport, Chasansky replied, "I wasn't there for the discussion about why that happened, but that happens in a lot of buildings because the tradition of the Masons is --as people who make buildings."


Therese said...

A classic example of a soothing explanation which does not erode ones feeling of apprehension - it actually make it worse.

FreeDom said...

A lot of occult groups bury things. In Great Britain during the 1990s the not-usually-mentioned OKOK Society were burying talismans at the intersections of ley lines with quite incredible results apparently. There website is:

aferrismoon said...

A subway system abandoned as it didn't work - or whatever. Billions of dollars of work and then , aww forget it.

Without getting conspiratorial I acn't imagine that no-one would have use for such a large piece of real estate.

Might be a good place to make some movies.

DIA means 'bright sky' in Greek which seems appropraite for an airport. Though its also Defense Intelligence Agency.


Loren Coleman said...

Welcome back...with a bang!!

ray said...

"And why was the parade route redirected to Elm Street?"

"I didnt sign off on that. That is, somebody else was there for that discussion. I mean, you'll have to ask Mr. Assange. Cars go down steets, that's what cars do, and elm sounded like a pretty name."

good to see you around again todd


FilmNoir23 said...

Thanks everybody! Slowly trying to find the time to post and write some. STAY TUNED!! Please!