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Monday, April 2, 2007

A Bird in the hand...

I just happened to catch the CNN unedited footage of Bush's visit to Walter Reed on Friday afternoon. Just seconds after this photo was taken (Where Bush gives the Masonic glad hand to a newly bionic handed soldier) Mr. Bush wipes his hand on his jacket in conscious or unconscious disgust. As the entire segment made it's way into edited rotation, every subsequent clip ended just prior to his childish (and yet telling) hand cleansing.

(Reuters video version)

If anyone happens to have the unedited version of this footage I'd love to see it posted! If I had my wish, it would be to have limitless tape machines recording the days events as they unfolded. Ah, to be wealthy, and unemployed. Another sequence I would be interested in is the now famous "Duck in the Noose" mind-control trigger uttered by Police Chief Charles Moose during the (actually the day before Muhammad & Malvo were captured) D.C. sniper drama.


Friend said...

Great looking blog.

I'm posting to comment on your astute "go ask alice" section:

I trust you're aware that Britney Spears shaved her head recently, was in despair and acting out (partying) desperately, and then was *reported* (? triggered?) to have, inside Rehab, gone on a manic-dpressive rampage, threatening to kill herself and putting 666 on her head and screaming "I am the antichrist!" See:,23599,21325065-2,00.html

No matter what's true and what's for show, what's interesting, is I see Spears sincerely rebelling as best she can against whatever role she's been playing, and I think she can really pull through, mostly because she's an oldschool southern 'country' girl born and raised. There's a certain gritty practical down to earth loving common sense she has access to if she will only see it.,2933,264481,00.html

[ that's an intentionally or unintentionally revealing sentence in the article: "Who's *in charge* of Britney Spears these days anyway?" :-o ]

Could you elaborate more on the 'glitch in the programming' comment? Are you noticing similar things and/or other things? Your blog is heping give me some ideas on connecting some dots in my mind. God, are we all so thick?

oh, p.s., Scarlett Johannsen is also playing the lead in the "Black Dahlia murder" movie!!! :-(

and to refresh one's memory on *that* case:


FilmNoir23 said...

Interesting use of wording in the Britney article. Determining who is "in charge" of her is telling. In the mind-control world her "handler" would be the person in control of her (Howard K. Stern to Anna Nicole). Which you might recall during her head shaving ritual she mentioned how she was tired of "being handled"...

I am working on a similar situation with Halle Berry recently.

"The Black Dahlia" is already out on DVD and I am familiar with the case. It's a GREAT one, and certainly has occult ties. To Hollywood and beyond.
Thanks for'd you hear about me?

Friend said...

howdy ~ ...Halle Berry? argh, who IS their own person in Hwood? *shudders* (...and I don't think I'll be asking Ms. Holmes for comment on that one...)

believe it or not, I did a search engine search on "Tsarion" + "alice in wonderland" :) was wondering if he had any specific comments on this beautiful work of cinema.

FilmNoir23 said...

The Disney version right?