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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

From the King of Bohemia


By George Sterling

I said, "The dark has come too soon."
I gazed across the marshy waste
To where, by vapors half-effaced,
Sank the southwestern, slender moon.

The vapors brooded on the land,
Too big to sink, too foul to float,
Upcast like poison from the throat
Of one great chimney near at hand.

The factory about its base
Droned to the darkness, hour on hour—
Squat dungeons, huddled at its tow'r,
As fearful of the night's dim face.

As fearful of the outraged night,
It glowered with unblinking eyes
On marshy waste, on tainted skies
Shamed by the desecrating light.

I said, "Within those roaring walls,
What engines gleam, what toils await?
There strength and power serve their fate,
And there a Titan's hammer falls.

"And surely there the fire reveals
What giants at their service bend,—
What thewed endurances attend
The sleepless shuttles and the wheels . . . . "

In meadow-dews an irised flame
Stirred as the lucid morning broke,
And from those portals, black with smoke,
A thousand weary children came!

In November of 1926, Sterling committed suicide by swallowing cyanide at his residence at the San Francisco Bohemian Club.
Kevin Starr wrote that "When George Sterling's corpse was discovered in his room at the Bohemian Club... the golden age of San Francisco's bohemia had definitely come to a miserable end."


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Sinkronos23 said...

The king of Bohemia is the Minotaur and the son of Europa and Zeus. Also something else to think about is the connection with the Ammonites or Cannanites of the Old testament or Torah Scrolls. The same Minotaur of the the labyrinth and the Aridne's String. Which pulls in the Eleusian rite of the 9 year cycles and pulls in the Sting-theories of the universe based on the number nine. I like this post and where you are going with this thread. Lets not forget that our black lister extra-ordinare, Mr. J. Edgar Hoover was also a member of the Bohemian Club and was the head of CIA. Then you think of the connection with their slogan No weaving spiders here pulls in the whole conception of Aradia and the Tapestry of Europa and Zeus and Athena. The Owl and the Spider found on the Dollar bill. Tangled webs that are weaved. Its all relative!

Sinkronos23 said...

Not Aradia, thats the raping of Tamur by Ammon, It pulls in Arachne the Original spider woman. Sorry for the confusion. Two thoughts merging at once and an error on my part.