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Thursday, December 6, 2007


Odd reports of a "hit" on President Bush at a Omaha, Nebraska Mall are circling the internet...he was in Omaha. News reports which had been silent to this fact...suggest that Bush was gone before the event took place, and that he was not at the Westroads Mall.

Check out the Meta-Logic Cafe' for the initial report of this HIGHLY interesting story

My next diamond installment will have to wait until next week...stay tuned for more on Omaha, Orange, Indians, Football, and murder in America


BTB said...

Very interesting developments...

And guess what? The shooter was another teenager who wanted to be famous:

'The killer, named as Robert Hawkins, 19, went on a rampage with a rifle in a mall full of Christmas shoppers. Two of the wounded were in a critical condition last night.

Hawkins left a suicide note that said, "Now I'll be famous".'

iAdmin said...

They just released photos of the shooter in the mall. It seems to me he is wearing a pyramid shirt with and all-seeing eye in it!