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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Orange Alignment/ St. Anthony Code Update

Anyone who follows the work of Goro Adachi might know that we are in a current state of high alert. For anyone unfamiliar please become acquainted with The Saint Anthony Code here:

and his current Orange Alignment for Tuesday, December 18th is as follows:

Watching Dec. 18 with great interest...
  • Dec 18: Mars closest to Earth
  • Dec 18-19: Approx. Mars-Earth-Sun-Mercury-Jupiter-Pluto alignment
  • Dec 18: Saturnalia (role reversal tradition)
  • Dec 18: Sun exits Ophiuchus
  • Dec 18: St. Sebastian feast day (Eastern Orthodox)

A few VERY interesting things have peaked interest in the past few days, most specifically a story out of Turkey in which a Catholic Priest was stabbed by 19 year-old Ramazan Bay. The major points of interest are that he was stabbed after Sunday mass (December 16th, 2007) in Saint Anthony's Church in Izmir. This particular Priest was responsible for overseeing the Capucine order in Turkey and heads the Church of the Virgin Mary in Ephesus. The Church of the Virgin Mary is thought by many to be the actual final resting place of Mary.

"According to the daily Hurriyet newspaper, the arrested assailant admitted in his statement to the police that he had been influenced by a recent episode of the popular television serial drama “Kurtlar Vadisi” (Valley of the Wolves). The series caricatures Christian missionaries as political “infiltrators” who pay poor families to convert to Christianity."

The show spawned a movie "Kurtlar Vadisi Irak" in 2006 which involves the capture of 11 Turkish special forces agents by U.S. Forces in Northern Iraq.

Is it any wonder that after weeks of small scale bombing Turkish ground troops would roll across the border into Iraq over night last night (December 18th, 2007) in persuit of "Kurdish Rebels" known as the PKK or Kurdistan Workers Party.

Today (December 18th, 2007), Orange Revolution leader Yulia Tymoshenko has become the new prime minister of the Ukraine.

Gas tycoon & "Joan of Arc" of the Orange Revolution takes power


Bluekush623 said...
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Bluekush623 said...
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FilmNoir23 said...

Thanks for the comments bluekush623:

those are great updates. I might be able to work them into a future post.

Stop by again sometime.

JB said...

"We are in a current state of high alert."

Would that be an ORANGE alert? I think that's actually the "DEFCON 2" of Homeland Security, Orange, right before Red, which would be the "S**t, meet fan" level of alert.

aferrismoon said...

The Left party CSSD [ Czech Social democratic Party] used to have red until a couple of years ago , now they are Orange. The communists, who sport red cherries, have about 13% of the vote, are more on CSSDs side then the blue, right party ODS.
The leader of CSSD , Jiri Paroubek , made a speech when he said something to the effect :
'If we cannot make agreement with the Communists we will make a deal with the Martians'. The communists had wavered about voting in a bill that Paroubek wanted enacted.
When I heard I thought, well, u r the 1st PM to explicitly offer a deal to non-terrestial entities.

FilmNoir23 said...

I wouldn't say ORANGE Level JB but plenty of things going down behind the scenes to be sure.

aferrismoon: always HIGHLY valuable information. Thanks.

Synchromystic Librarian said...

malta cross?