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Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Madness

Atlas holding the Sun?

It has been a mad March indeed. I am currently working on a larger article that will look at a few of the signs which have been appearing over the past few weeks. But while I tweak that article here are some interesting results in the upcoming NCAA College Basketball Tournament selections. The top four seeds (out of 64) are The University of North Carolina Tarheels (Death of Eve/ARIES resonator), The Memphis Tigers (ORANGE/TIGER), The UCLA Bruins (BEAR Stearns Wall Street buyout), and The Kansas Jayhawks (OZ/Hawk/Horus). No big surprises here as these four schools have historically strong basketball programs. Both Kansas (Football) and Memphis have graced this page in the past several months, as I have been exploring the synchromystic symbolism of teams that appear to be peaking in conjunction with certain events. Is there a relationship between the energies that are associated with a certain place or symbol and a widely publicized event (good or bad) which may be affecting reality?

Take for example our own Georgia Bulldogs (13-16 Overall - 4-12 SEC) who played themselves into the NCAA tournament field this weekend by overcoming nearly unearthly odds. The "dawgs" as they are affectionately referred to, spent much of the season losing players to disciplinary actions, and generally being tossed around like a sack of potatoes. Within their conference they won a total of 4 games all season...during the SEC tournament they won all 4 of their games to win the title. Not only did they win 4 games, they were forced to win two of those games on the exact same day; with only 6 hours between games.

The reason for this unpresedented crunch in scheduling? Well, Georgia had been slated to play a late evening second round game on Friday the 14th, although "Mother Nature" intervened and sent a tornado spiraling through downtown Atlanta (Atlas/Atlantis) causing some severe damage to The Georgia Dome where the SEC tournament was being held. The remainder of games (Three Saturday and one Sunday) were moved to The Georgia Institute of Technology's (Georgia's arch rivals The YELLOWJACKETS) Alexander Memorial Coliseum.

Interior damage to The Georgia DOME: Trust in the Sun

Between Georgia's scheduled 12:00 and 8:30 games on Saturday, this corner of the state was in total chaos, as storm after storm passed through the area; each one with the uncertainty of weather or not it would produce more tornadoes. In order to get a real sense of how this was playing out it might help to provide a little proximity. The University of Georgia is located in Athens which is roughly 55 miles (which was incidentally the rate at which the storms were moving that day 55mph) North East of Atlanta.

It is also important to keep history in mind...During the Civil War, Union General William T. Sherman declared that Atlanta be burned to the ground; that order was given Nov. 11th (11:11) 1864. The slow rebuilding process after the razing forever associated Atlanta with the PHOENIX (see Goro Adachi's ENTEMENANKI)

The city seal of Atlanta "Resurgens" Latin for "Rise Again"

Make of that what you will...


Christopher Loring Knowles said...

EXCELLENT stuff! I've never seen that Atlanta flag before- amazing. March Madness seems like an extended Equinox festival to be sure. I totally forgot about Sun Trust: breath-taking isn't it?

Anonymous said...

"Is there a relationship between the energies that are associated with a certain place or symbol and a widely publicized event (good or bad) which may be affecting reality?"

Have you seen the movie 'Jesus Camp'. I saw it a couple weeks ago and thought this exact same question when I saw that the evangelic brainwashing center(er. . .bible camp) called Kids on Fire was at Devil's Lake. They leaders of that camp thought there was some connection.

Can't imagine what it would've been like going through those storms.


aferrismoon said...

March is IH playoff madness here. keeping u up to date with animals and myths
BILY TIGRY LIBEREC [ White Tigers] beat SPARTA PRAHA 4-0, best of 7 so Spartans were wiped. Considering Adam's brief dip into Tigers and the ones here it leapt out.
There are many Czechs and Slovaks in NHL, jaromir Jagr with OZ Rangers perhaps most well known, but there is a Slovak called Satan. I must try to find out whether the NHL synchs with Revelations.

aferrismoon said...

This link really seals it. He plays for the NY Islanders

FilmNoir23 said...

Nice all around gentlemen! I find the sports symbolism interesting in that it reaches such a WIDE and unsuspecting audience that is otherwise unaware, lost in the superficial waging of war between cities & schools.

Bill: oh my...I sure hope that I don't fall into the "Jesus Camp" belief system...I assume that it was merely the connection of energy and place.

the storm situation here last Saturday was surreal, that is really the only way to describe it. Alarms going off, fast moving dark clouds, emergency broadcasts on TV & Radio (we had both on at the same time), Emergency texts coming from the University over cell phones. Had a REAL end times feel to it...

aferrismoon said...

There was a 100 truck and car pile up on D1, the highway from Prague to Brno, as well as a 20 and a 30 car pileup in other places. sudden snow-attack. no-one died amazingly.
Sports more than film , it says build me an Olympic stadium and u get 4. they then proceed to flood the media with their symbols and carry a torch from athens to where. should be fun trying to cross the Karaokoram this time, think they'll chopper the flame to the top of Everest.
All the logo and animals, histories, in Football often violent, always passionate, and for what, the proverbial pig's bladder.
Football seems to have carried much of the world into this new world order, perhaps less notable in the States, but its brought the lifestyle, products, emotions, focus , language with it.

Anonymous said...

I have been LOVING watching the March Madness headlines on My.Yahoo since reading your post.

My two favorites:

1) History is Made at NCAA March Madness

2) 13th seed Siena pounds Vanderbilt 83-62

I love the phrase "13th seed".