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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Turn out the Light

Well, it's official...according to French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, "The magic is over" for the U.S. In statements made Tuesday, March 11th at the launch of the Forum of New Diplomacy in France he went on to say, "It will never be as it was before.", "there is not just a new diplomacy; there is a new world.""The great difficulty is to accept this new world."

Not that these statements come as any great surprise or that they aren't correct in many ways...but it does serve as proof that The New World Order isn't on it's way, we are living in it. The question is, did we arrive at this moment by chance or have we been brought here by ruling hands since day one? I think anyone who hasn't been asleep or has looked at our history knows the answer to the question.

Ironic that an International death knell for the United States would come from the very country that symbolically handed us the torch in the first place. Lady Liberty (ISIS) stands in shambles, her shining beacon finally snuffed out...Hollywood has been flirting with her, and thus our downfall for years.

The Doors "When the Music's Over"


Christopher Loring Knowles said...

Don't forget the first issue of Kamandi!

America was never "free," never sovereign, never "Christian"- it was conceived as a corporate colony from day one. All of the brave Pilgrims were just indentured servants for chartered corporations like the Virginia Company or the Massachusetts Bay Company. This is what no one ever seems to want to acknowledge. It's the proverbial elephant in the middle of the room of our collective illusion. The "center" of "world trade" has moved elsewhere- London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Mumbai.

FilmNoir23 said...

Well said Christopher, well said.

wise woman said...

A very eloquent set of images, with the time span between movies getting closer each time.
The prophetic powers of Hollywood are uncanny are they not.

aferrismoon said...

The idea of ruling nation states has been hanging around for those who 'want' them .
Its difficult to say how its been managed for so long with human lives short in comparison.
The idea that certain minds can see far into the future while duping whole populations doesn't seem so fay off - look around at the self-dupery that people perpetrate upon themselves
Nevertheless transient changes have been, are and will continue and I think these images , effortlessly, relay that.
It also show that [ as was told us in Men In Black - info from trash newspapers], information comes in all forms, and no experts hold knowledge more advanced than any1 else.
'France' has had a long cultural relationship with 'Russia'.
Beware of Frogs [ the French] turning into Princesses [ Lib-Stat]
I assume that the centre of world trade may be everywhere at once due to electronicistation of our world - cities are just frequency collision .
Photos = simple and effective

Newspaceman said...

Great post Todd.


William Ray Thuther said...

Perhaps, in a mythic sense, we're seeing the Transformation of ISIS in to the Whore of Babylon.

I was doing some research on the 'WOB' and came across some great connections on wikiepdia.

Also - Christopher - I did not know that about early settlers working as indentured servants. Now I have MORE research to do (Thanks Alot! ;)

Finally, whenever any public figure says the words Magic or Illuminate. . .look out.

Bliss. Thuth.


UruK said...

this man know something...
Bernard Kouchner is a Bilderberg 2007 member.....

http://www. danielestulin. com/?op=noticias¬icias=ver&id=318&idioma=enBilderberg