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Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy KNIGHT"

Notice any resemblance to this old KNIGHT? Sir Richard fancies himself an inventor of sorts as well...

from: Through The Looking Glass Chapter VIII (that is 8 as in Gate) 'It's my own Invention'

then the Knight went on again. `I'm a great hand at inventing things. Now, I daresay you noticed, the last time you picked me up, that I was looking rather thoughtful?'

`You were a little grave,' said Alice.

`Well, just then I was inventing a new way of getting over a GATE -- would you like to hear it?'

`Very much indeed,' Alice said politely.

Sir Richard Branson, a frequent subject of The Looking Glass, unveiled his newest toy a few days ago at the Mojave (or Mos Eisley) Spaceport. The White Knight Two (or WK2) will serve as the launch vehicle for the SpaceShipTwo craft which will take the elite into zero atmosphere for about 90 seconds; at a cost of about $200,000 a seat.

Virgin Galactic pops it's cork over EVE

Interestingly, the name White Knight should surface at a time when the world can't seem to get enough of "The Dark Knight"...or that The White Knight was a character from Lewis Carroll's "Alice Through the Looking Glass" and has often been thought to represent Carroll himself (also the name of a 1952 biography of Carroll). Branson himself a Knight...and what else?

The White Knight Two was also christened "EVE" after Mr. Branson's mother...another doubling effect. There have been many of appears the "LOOKING GLASS" has begun to take on a life of it's own...even researcher Goro Adachi has begun to include Alice as one of his many cast of characters.

Phoenix Impact Through The Looking Glass

Somewhat creepy EVE logo. Sir Richard's mum as pin-up girl.

For all the hoopla surrounding Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker (which was great, don't get me wrong)...the film itself is far more about Harvey Dent aka Two-Face (also played by both Billy Dee Williams & Tommy Lee Jones which seems odd by creating a light/dark combination of it's own) referred to in the film as Gotham's "White Knight". The split nature, duality...double-lives in and out of the looking glass.

We also saw The Dark Knight himself in the news...questioning of actor Christian Bale's character after a row with who else? his mum, or EVE...

Mr. Branson's own version of Two-Face at the 2006 Mad Hatter Party

The upcoming MIRRORS motif movie...notice the "RR's" Reigh Rockefeller perhaps? Stay tuned...


Vapo said...

Great post Todd! It is interesting Branson made his " White Knight " debut on a important Black Pope day(28th). I thought I saved the link(damn)explaining it but will try to find it(I try to save everything)..also interesting in this White/Black-Red theme they always seem to have is when the Queen(Bee)came here on her last visit to USA and was wearing the divided White/Black (I can send you a pic if you like) I also have the pic of Branson dressed as a Black Pope/Bishop..this color theme in part must be connected to the Masonic Checkboard somehow..the Red is what I cannot seem to pin down very well yet..well for the time being I wish you a great day!


Michael said...

Glad you caught this. White Knight Two is a twin fuselage airplane - creating an H form (or a double cross) and implying two "towers". Two Knights = two Guardians of the Grail, and the spaceship nestled between = a grail/stargate or even a tower of Babel planetary escape vehicle.

I guess it really is All About Eve! Love the Betty Davis quote. LOL - Michael

FilmNoir23 said...

vapo: The B&W certainly come from duality and the Red, I feel more than confident is for the blood/bloodlines. As those of the line are ABOVE the B&W ideas of morality that plague the rest of us. Right and Wrong do NOT exist for them

Michael: also (I had not added yet), the story of the White Knight is interesting as he is an inventor and attempts to find a new way to cross a gate.

Christopher L Knowles said...

Welcome back, my brother.

You know, a reader turned me on to that Virgin Space ad, since there was some synching with the Hayden Pannitierre striptease I riffed on a few weeks back...

aferrismoon said...

RR-Reigh Rockefeller. Off for a holiday to get her mind altered, split, mirrored a la MK Ultra, perhaps.
The White Knight used to fall off his Horse a lot.
Wonder if the Dark Knight links to Obama, just the meme pre-election. Out comes White Knight and everyone's thinking who's the Dark Knight.
DK = Dead Kennedys, and Ted's on the bed right now. Also Obama touted as kennedy-a-like, which I guess makes Hillary the Dark Horse - anyone need a ride?