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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Power of Christ Compels Her

A new video has surfaced which shows Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin receiving the word of GOD, as well as a protection spell from "witchcraft" from Kenyan Bishop Thomas Muthee. The ceremony was performed back in October 2005 at Wasilla Assembly of God Church in Alaska, when then Mayor Palin was running for Governor of Alaska.

"Protection from Evil" one of the many Cleric Spells available to you in Dungeons and Dragons

According to wikipedia Thomas Muthee is no stranger to battles of a spiritual nature:

"Muthee and his wife returned home to Kenya from Scotland, where he had finished his graduate studies, in 1988. They soon felt that they were "called by God to Kiambu" and after six months of prayer, research, and "spiritual mapping," they came to believe that a witch known as "Mama Jane" was the cause of crime and spiritual oppression in the area. Muthee alleged that "top government and business leaders [were] afraid to do anything without her approval," that at least one person per month would die in a car accident in front of her "divination house" (otherwise known as Emmanuel Clinic), and that she harassed his congregation. According to Muthee, soon after his followers began to pray that God would either save or oust Mama Jane, three young people died in another apparent accident in front of Mama Jane's clinic. The angry townsfolk wanted to stone her in retaliation, and when the police entered Mama Jane's home to intervene, they were apparently startled by what they believed to be a demon and shot her pet python to death. Mama Jane was then questioned by police, after which she left town.Since then, Muthee has frequently referred to his witch-hunt as an example of successful spiritual warfare.

Originally found at Vadimus Post of Denis Campbell


jimbo said...

Where in the world does "witchcraft" come into play here?

Asking God for things is called -- hang on to your hat -- prayer.

FilmNoir23 said...

I guess if you feel you are AT WAR with Satan or Islam (or both) you pull out all the stops. The belief in Africa for this stuff is still VERY strong...the fact that Palin would feel the need for it (or believe in it even)...hmmm, makes you wonder.

Melissa said...

yeah, and when the word "witchcraft is USED as it is in this video"...this is very usual for most US Christian churches - unless the are of the snake handling ilk...

I find it disturbing... and telling.

Melissa said...

correction - relatively **unusual** NOT usual....for most US christian churches to use the word witchcraft these days in any type of service.

aferrismoon said...

Well everybody knows 'witchcraft' is true, but the modern world tends to laugh at that statement. How brave of Miss Palin to perhaps make this a policy statement that really deals with this'evil pastime'. I for one will support this tough stance on things that can't be proven.
Scurrilous hatemongery and the proof of no proof are traditional standards that this world needs.
Of course who has relatives in kenya - barack

Re_ ...the fact that Palin would feel the need for it[or believe in it even] - sounds like hypnotism got her [ but goood hypnotism]

Odd also that Blair - the Catholic - is back in the news.
Amazing how he decided to join the Catholic Church just as they were doing nothing about pedophile priests.


David said...

Todd, as you know I rarely talk about the 'field' in EDER, but in strange synchronicity, I felt compelled to write 'Witchfinder General' at the same time you were writing this.

David said...

Todd, as you know I rarely talk about the 'field' in EDER, but in strange synchronicity, I felt compelled to write 'Witchfinder General' at the same time you were writing this.

Anonymous said...

precisely aferrismoon

this country has a freedom of religion

she and obama are free to practice whatever they want (we cant deny anyone this, right?) - it is our job to make sure our wills are not imposed and to stay true and strong. be a decent loving human not a paid robot.

she bringing to surface, the "witchcraft" aspect of life was incredible. it speaks on so many levels should anyone paying attention - paid attention.

"be excellent to each other"
--bill and ted!