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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Starman: The Strange Case of Steve Fossett UPDATED

Just over one year ago, I covered the disappearance of Aviator Steve Fossett in a series of articles. [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] This past week A.V. Michaels host of Surfing The Tao posted a link to a most interesting development in the story. It has been claimed that an individual named "Jerry" has had some form of telepathic communication with Mr. Fossett. After having read the "transcript" which was supposedly received on March 25th, 2008, I am personally skeptical of it's content but given the VALIS nature of it's transmission, I felt compelled to at least post it here for my readers consideration. The introduction comes from Jason A. Hendricks of "The Adventurist" . I apologize for the length of the text but obviously wish to provide it here in it's entirety.

Legendary adventurer and aviator Stephen Fossett disappeared over Labor Day weekend in 2007. His disappearance would spark the nation’s largest search and rescue effort in history and pave the way for many theories and speculations on what exactly took place. To this day, he has never been heard from, nor found. That is, until now.

The Adventurist received an interesting comment today from someone claiming to be speaking with the legendary adventurer. This person has released an interview to The Adventurist, from the famed aviator, supposedly taking place on March 25, 2008–six months after Mr. Fossett’s disappearance. The interview will be featured momentarily.

First, I must add that I am not here to say this is real or imagined. I take no responsibility for any claims or retribution associated with this Interview and am only presenting it as it has been presented to myself. The commenter on my site shared the information, of which I am now sharing with you. I will let all of you be the judge to the merits of this and of what is actually taking place, while holding no responsibility in regards to this being true or the actual facts presented.

Hi Jason, I see you have a deep interest in Steve Fossett’s disappearance. I would like to share a whole new explanation as to what happened.

This is the first transmission my friend Jerry received from STEVE FOSSETT.
Jerry is regularly is contacted with many off planet beings and people from the past and future…. Sometimes he wonders what the hell is going on…. but is open to it all and I guess it is all happening for reason. I have seen him receiving this information and I was present when Steve was communicating with Jerry in one of the transmissions and Steve refers to me in a couple of the texts. He does this through his computer. He has thoughts enter his mind and he speaks what they are into a mic and a voice activation software as he is dyslexic. This make not make sense to some and some might get very interested. Not sure where you are spiritual path of awakening but read it before you judge or even better don’t judge…




March 25, 2008

This transmission is an attempt by Steve Fossett to communicate after he disappeared on September 3, 2007.

My name is Steven Fossett. On September 3, 2007, while I was flying over the Nevada desert, I was directed to a place of undetermined origin, which at this time, I must be quite vague about. This place allowed me to enter a creosonic portal. This portal forms a folded vacuum into a much higher frequency, which allows me to experience a whole new concept of living. I was asked if I would travel into this opening into a higher frequency and share my experience with others. I decided to take on this huge task.

It has been very interesting with the people I can communicate with from here. There are many more out there that are capable of breaking through this frequency barrier than I realized. Now that the Earth has started a new adventure into a more complex way of functioning, there will be many new processes that we have never experienced before as we go into this new time period. I am in touch with my wife and some of my friends. I will be in this condition for some time, until I adapt to this higher frequency. What I would like to do with the ones I can connect with is to have some of them, with their permission, to join me to experience what I’m going through, because there is no possible way this can be explained from where you preside at this time. It does not matter how open you are to new phenomena, without experiencing it on your own, you will never have a full understanding of this experience.

When you get into this new energetic field, you have no physical or mental weight holding you down. Therefore, it is very hard to return to the normal life you had prior to this. I’m not sure if I will return or not, it all depends on where I can do the most good.Apparently, I was picked before my birth for this project. This is why I have led such a dramatic life, with all the projects and experiences I have gone through.

I have been playing around for some time with the understanding of how to enter into this creosonic. On September 5th, I finally was able to travel into one of these voids. Everything in this voided collage has to be experienced and reacted to in a whole different manner than you normally use in a third dimensional program. Simple things like walking upstairs or drinking from a glass of water and compensating for centrifugal force. Everything has to be rewritten from the norm that you are used to. The fact that you don’t have to deal with mental or physical weight is a big plus. All your thoughts are in a pure form and have no destructive force behind them. Your physical body has absolutely no discomfort. Every move you make is very pure and precise. There isn’t a real easy way to explain this procedure because of the lack of referrals that are available. My dilemma is whether to return to my original physical state and deal with the denseness and discomfort. Returning does not seem very promising to me.

JB: Are you able to pick up on my transmission at this time? Okay, let’s give it a try and see if you can pick up on my questions. What is the reason you have taken on this project? Is this something that you have been planning for a long time and are their alien beings involved?

Stephen: First thing, I have a question. Yes, I am picking up on your transmission but am not quite sure how this is taking place. Are you working through a computer? Okay, I heard that and it seems to be working very well. All is coming through very clear. You asked me why I have taken on this project. Apparently, from what I am receiving from my Pleiatian friends over here, is that this has been in the planning stage prior to my birth. Some of us at this time apparently are being groomed to guide the ones that are crossing over to the new wave link. This new wave link is a beginning of a frequency that we will all be part of in the near future. There is no way to describe the feeling that I have been introduced to into this new dimension.

I see you’ve just noticed how time is enhanced by quite a bit while we are communicating. Also, there are a number of you at this time that have been chosen, with your permission, to experience what I am going through in this transformation inlock that is in the process at this time. I would suggest you not drink water while you’re working in this new timeline that you are experiencing at the moment. The reason you coughed when you took a drink is that you are not swallowing in coordination with pouring the water down your throat. This is what I was telling you. Everything has to be relearned when working in a creosonic frequency. You must be noticing by now the light feeling that is being projected into your atmosphere. So what is happening is you’re getting a small taste of this higher frequency. Are you aware of this?

JB: Yes I am. Something is becoming very calm in my system at this time. I also am sensing some life force around me in my office at this time. Is this anything to do with our connection?

Stephen: What you are feeling is not any kind of entity or life form. It is an energetic field that you have surrounded yourself with to connect with the force that we are working with. You’re not even aware that you have done this. This is something that will be explained to you at another time.

I have been experiencing a lot of new and exciting processes living in a whole new environment. This is what I will bring back with me if I decide to come back to the third dimensional realm. It’s not something that you would want to experience. Once you come over here and experience this wonderful way of life, it doesn’t make much sense to return. The only reason I would return is if it would benefit the rest of you that are coming over, and also to see my family and friends. I still have much to experience here, so we will see what happens.

JB: From what I understand, this whole process you are experiencing has been put into place by the Pleiatians, is this correct? Also, can you describe anything about their culture? I have heard many wonderful things about them.

Stephen: Yes, they are quite amazing beings. They have a lot to do with our culture and helping us raise our spiritual awareness. I’m not in complete communication with them at this time, even though I am experiencing their energy field, our communication line is still in its infancy stage. There is something I can do already at this point; I can pass on how to process energy that will lighten the load where you are now. Apparently a third dimensional experience in the physical body as a human in one of the most difficult life experiences available.

JB: Do you have any idea how we got connected?

Stephen: Yes, I’m sure it was the Pleiatians. You might keep the awareness that you have when you feel them now, so you are aware when they return. What I have learned more than anything over here the last six months is how the Pleiatians process thought, so we can interject with them. Apparently, you have been working with them recently in conjunction with multiple thought processing so that you can create some sort of large community in a new dimension.

I was first contacted in the spring of 1957 by the Pleiatians. This is when they first started grooming me throughout my life for the project I’m involved with now. I had to be mentally, physically and spiritually prepared to handle the process I am experiencing. If I decide to stay here and work from here, there will be a prop created of myself and the plane I was flying to look like there was some sort of mishap. It will look like I was killed in this mishap.

JB: I was just informed that you were tied in with the Rapidoriens near the Steen Mountains of Oregon. This isn’t all that far from the Nevada desert where your airplane was reported missing. Are you familiar at all with what I am presenting to you?

Stephen: Yes! Do you know this area?

JB: Absolutely! My friends and I spent a number of nights camped out in this area last summer. Are you tied in with any of this at all?

Stephen: This is very interesting. The area you are describing to me is one of the main gathering points for different space entities to congregate. This is so amazing how they have lined us up to interact with each other to work on this huge project that is about to take place.

JB: Are you aware of this new city or community that is about to come together? Also, are you aware of where this is supposed to take place?

Stephen: I am a little confused on where this property presides. I do know what you are referring to when you say the new city.

JB: I am a little confused on how we are communicating. Are we communicating telepathically or is there a method that I am not familiar with?

Stephen: There must be different groups that are working with us and helping us communicate because I’m not completely literate in mental transformation and I don’t believe you are either. This is very exciting! Whatever, it is working well. Somehow, you and all your friends have created an energy force that is pulling this all together. It is very powerful. Give me a little time and see if I can tie some loose ends together here and see what is going on. I do not know who the Rapidoriens are, but they must by somehow tied in with the Pleiatians because their energy fields match very close.

JB: Are you familiar with the red lines that appear in the dry lake in the Alvord desert of Oregon?

Stephen: Yes, very much so. I do not know how to read them but I know they are an accordance pattern for different visitors from all over the galaxy.

JB: My biggest curiosity is over whether you can explain where you are and what you’re doing at this time? Do you have friends and people you are working with in this different frequency?

Stephen: There are many different entrances and exits into all realities. As soon as you understand this concept, retrain yourself to become aware of these phenomena’s. This gives you much more freedom in traveling inter-dimensionally. That is what I’m basically doing, learning and understanding how these different portals connect to each other and what their purpose is. My biggest question is, where the hell did this all come from? It is totally amazing how perfectly coordinated everything is between hyperspace. What happens when you go into these so-called different frequencies isn’t what you think. You are venturing into a new and strange world. Basically, you’re going back to where you originated from. Even though it seems a little strange, you also have a sense of going home and being around the ones that you knew from some other life experience.

I know what you’re thinking, would it be like going to the spirit world? Not really, because you still have a physical body. In the spirit world you have given that physical existence up. I am trying to think of an analogy that will give you some reference point on what the difference is. The only thing I can come up with is to think of yourself living in a giant mansion with many rooms. Your whole family is in this mansion, living in a basement with no window. You and your family start to go room to room. You begin in the basement where there are no windows and you keep going up higher and higher in the mansion where the windows are. This allows you to see much more. It’s all the same structure. It just has a better view the higher you go up. You are currently in the basement, which I would call third dimension. It has no view and no understanding of much of anything else.

The second part of your question concerns whether I have friends and people I know in these different realms? Of course! Looking at it from your view it would be like going back to other lifetimes or other dimensional experiences. However, when you are in this frequency there is no such thing as going back or forward because time does not come into play. This is why explaining anything from here to somebody who is in the basement isn’t understandable. Those in the basement base everything on time. Most of you at this point should know that time is such a small amount of a physical experience. Go ahead with your next question.

JB: Do you see the Earth now like you did when you were here?

Stephen: Let’s go back to the mansion again. If you’re out of the basement and into the second-story, where there are windows, you are given much more of an advantageous view than you had in the basement, but you still remember you life in the basement. So the question is, “Do I see the earth like I did when I was there?” The answer would be, ” Yes, but I also see much more because I’m up where the windows are; where the light and sun is coming in and allowing me a much more beautiful picture. All my friends that I’ve known forever are here too. But remember, it’s not like going back to a past anything because we’re not dealing in time now. We are dealing in frequency. So it is not like going home to my old friends. It is like being with my same friends and never leaving. As I said, we are not dealing with time. This is not a simple process of allusion to explain unless you are actually here to experience this.

JB: You say you communicate with your wife, does she understand the concept you just explained?

Stephen: She does not need to know this information because it is not necessary where she is in her evolving patterns. Like many of you, I have this tremendous drive to understand. If you do not have this intention, it will not come to you. You’ve heard many times that energy follows energy. This is why people get so frustrated trying to figure out more than you are capable of. This could drive you crazy.

Another question you had about Oprah Winfrey opening up many people to this new concept. I really can’t tell you much about that other than it’s all part of a plan. It seems to be very powerful method for her to open up all these new avenues. You have another question. What do we see when we go into different dimensions or different frequencies, however, you want to say it. Remember, your main point of reference comes off your feelings. It’s not what you see. So basically, you feel the transition. You don’t see much of anything because your eyes are only good for subsequently taking care of your everyday needs in a physical body. I hope this answers your questions. It is not the easiest thing to answer many of your questions because of the little you see from living in the basement.

There is one thing that is a little amazing. It’s all the different toys and gadgets that are laying around here, like the airplane I was flying, from people that have entered into the void, this dimensional interchange.
(((((((((The following showed up on the computer when JB returned from a short break. He was told that this is Stephen trying to communicate with the computer directly.) I know who is a this is a visible go a is is as is she is much she is me is as is his is a she is this is as it is this is a this is this is as it is this and this are as is this is are as this is are this is this is as this is this this this this in her this your this is this is this is t his is your this is a this this is this this is him as his are there is your own a much is a just and this is the way or a one of allow all she you can log to of the ego is okay)))))

JB: My question is did you try to write something on my computer while I was taking a nap and if you did, what were you trying to say? As you can see, it does not make any sense.

Stephen: Once I realized you had a voice actuated computer, I thought I would give it a try. Actually, I did feel it was a success even though it did not make much sense, at least I got it started. If you don’t mind, we can try this again when you go back to bed. If you just leave the microphone on and see what happens. By the way, I’m not doing this by myself, we are receiving plenty of help, we have some mutual friends that are working quite hard to make this all happen.

JB: I am looking forward to see what happens. I have more questions, did you have to completely release the ego before you could go into this higher realm?

Stephen: I’m not sure how to answer this, the ego has been blamed for everything that goes wrong. When they worked with me and my imbalanced condition, the Pleiatians throughout the years had groomed me so I was able to take on this project. They basically kept my mental processing part of my mind from being out of control. As you know by now, thought is the key creative factor in everything that happens and by allowing everything to be in perfection and not try to change it, keeps you balanced to a point that allows the next realm to be available to cross into. That is what a number of you are doing now is preparing to go into a new realm, and the neat part of it is, it is a frequency that you are creating yourself by using collective consciousness. The ones that read this transmission and understand what I am presenting to you now will be the ones that will not only create this frequency, but will live in it while the rest of the worlds population continues doing its thing, which is basically following the thought patterns of the masses. So, if you want to look at the future, all you have to do is see what the average thought pattern is putting out. I’m sure you know what I mean.

JB: Very interesting answer, I think I will contemplate on that for awhile and see what I come up with. So basically, when you say they groomed you for this mission it’s just showed you how to keep your thoughts from getting out of control so you’re not destroying everything that you’re creating. Is this pretty much what they did with you?

Stephen: Very good, it’s all in perspective; you can see the glass full or you can see the glass more than full. I will leave that one for you to work out.

JB: I like that answer, it covered a lot of ground in a short time. When you’re tempted to write on the computer, is there a message that you can share with us about what you were trying to say?

Stephen: Nothing that can’t wait. I would like to try it more and see if I can make some sense with it. One thing I would like to share with you is how easy it is to stop the aging process. Once you learn to harness your thinking and keep those thoughts directed totally on creation, apparently you have been studying this, this is the key to allowing perfect health and longevity. It’s also good to eat well but the big one is it’s all good to think well, mental transporting with thoughts that are building and not tearing down is your goal. This basically is what they put me through since I was twelve years old. This is why it was so easy for me to live the life I did without fear. I understand in your mind, breaking records looks like an ego experience in a lot of cases it is, but in other cases it isn’t. What I went through pushing to the max to learn not to have fear of anything, this is how I had to do it. As you know now, fear is the biggest deterrent of any commodity that you preside in.

JB: Is it true that coming in on this plane that we live on, that it is one of the most difficult experiences there is and once you accomplish this, there is a large growth pattern that is a result from this experience?

Stephen: I know what you are saying makes a lot of sense but remember, just because I’m in this new vibration doesn’t mean I have answers to everything. So, those kinds of questions are something you will have to hold for someone that has a bigger window than I do.

JB: I have one more question. If we go out to the desert periodically, where the Rapidoriens preside, would this be a good place to start connecting with you and the Pleiatians?

Stephen: Absolutely! I can see you have been already led to this energetic site which is powerful, you should to a lot of growing there. Must go now, I will talk to you soon. James Stephen Fossett.


Richard Presser said...

I have an update to this story:

I had watched Steve's amazing feats over the years, marvelling at his capacity to test the limits of the envelope in so many, many ways and was saddened by his bizarre ending.

You can imagine, then, my surprise when, on April 16, 2008 I received an email from an acquaintance of mine which included the following;
“Another amazing thing happened yesterday evening! I found a Link in the Lightbox on the Snoedel site, to a message by Steve Fossett, who disappeared in 2007....” (More readily, see for this and other messages.)
......”After some minutes I wondered how it would be like, living at the other side as Steve now did. And then all of a sudden I feel a new energy, that appeared to be Steve Fossett himself. And guess what he asked me to do? To draw your attention to his channelled information! Keep me informed!”

Needless to say, I was a little surprised by this email, although I was already aware of these reported channellings by his friend Jerry Brown. I had read them with interest but had not given them much attention as they were not of any relevance to me – or so I thought.

The following day (my time) I received a second email containing the following;
“In addition to my earlier email today, Steve should like you to ask (name deleted) to be the for your questions available channel (sic). Obviously he is looking forward to having a means of communication with you.”

This had become impossible to ignore, so I began to follow it up. I had no idea what this could be about. I was unable to contact the individual suggested, so I emailed my dear friend and extraordinary channel, Carolyn Evers. Carolyn made contact with Steve.

Some weeks went by and I occasionally asked Carolyn what was happening in her conversation with Steve. Gradually it emerged that he wanted to share with the world what had happened to him. More importantly, he had a message he wanted to share with the world about what was unfolding in our very near future.

Steve explains how he disappeared – “My aircraft with me inside flew into what appeared to be a great light. I know this sounds like some science fiction story, but I had seen these lights in the past and I wanted to investigate. The lights didn’t seem to be permanently attached to the Earth, but rather seemed to float down from higher up.

“As I came closer, the light seemed to be behind what appeared to be a mist. Then that is all I remember until I woke up from what appeared to be a sleep and found myself upon a table. Nothing prepared me for this experience.

“I had beings around me and they seemed friendly enough, but definitely not of the Earth variety. They didn’t seem quite like what one would think of when they think of extraterrestrials, but rather they were more humanoid-like in appearance, but again they were ethereal and I must say gentle.”

He then explains why he wants to communicate with us – “Therefore, I am on a mission of sorts. There is nothing that I can do to come back and since I am here, I am willing to do what I can to help awaken people to not only the pursuits of the military to control the world, but to tell people what lay before them by way of earth changes and weather changes.”

This extraordinary information is being released by Carolyn in e-book form on the Anniversary of Steve’s disappearance, September 3rd, 2008. You will find it at I’m sure you will find it as fascinating as I did. I have no doubt those who knew Steve personally will recognise what is written as coming from Steve, because of the personal details he shares and the way he speaks about aspects of his life. This is breathtaking material and will change how most of us view ourselves and our world.

Angela said...

Holy crap, Todd. I hadn't known what to really believe about all this, but the previous comment is quite interesting. Thanks for posting this, and for the link.

FilmNoir23 said...

Angela...I am glad to have been able to expand on this story (via your post) but I stress my own personal disbelief in the possible agenda behind such a claim by ANYONE.

I think the verdict is OUT on this one but will continue to follow as things unfold.

Keep on doing what you do!

Michael said...

Todd, that is beyond wild. Here's a quote that seems appropriate:

"So if anyone tells you, 'There he is, out in the desert,' do not go out; or, 'Here he is, in the inner rooms,' do not believe it."

Thuth said...


I share your skepticism, as well as your curiosity. I've had some CRAZY ouiji board experiences when I was a teen, which have left me open to the POSSIBILITY that this could be legit, but still wary. Time will tell, I guess.

Please post anything else you come across regarding Mr. Fosset. This is a story I follower and am still VERY curious about. Something happened to that man. I don't know what, but it's definitely one of the stranger mysteries of our time.