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Friday, October 3, 2008

Deep Impact

On the heels of the discovery of Steve Fossett's crashed plane at MAMMOTH Mountain (MM), California and scant traces of human remains (a section of bone recovered from the crash site is being rushed for DNA testing), news surfaced today of what the aviator had been working on prior to his disappearance.

Graham HAWKES (Horus) of Hawkes Ocean Technologies (H.O.T.) spoke today about his company's involvement in designing a deep water winged submersable vechicle dubbed DEEP FLIGHT CHALLENGER. The experimental underwater "plane" that Fossett had paid for was scheduled to take him to the proverbial "Center of the Earth", the MARIANA Trench (MARITIME SIGNAL & MM resonator with Mammoth) located on the ocean floor off the the coast of Guam at a depth of 37,000 feet. According to Hawkes:

"It would have dramatically, dramatically opened the oceans for exploration. It would have been a game changer," said Hawkes.

Hawkes says the craft would have "flown" to the bottom of the ocean in an hour and 40 minutes and then rocketed back up. He wouldn't say what it cost to build, but it was almost ready to launch when Fossett disappeared.

"We finished testing all of the systems have been tested under pressure at the Department of Defense facilities. We were four weeks away from splashing it in," said Hawkes.

The 7/11/08 release 3D in select theaters remake suggests "Same Planet, Different World". Not too unlike the Fossett "Transmissions"

In a sea of faces, in a sea of doubt
In this cruel place your voice above the maelstrom
In the wake of this ship of fools I'm falling further down
If you can see me, Marian, reach out and take me home.....

I hear you calling Marian
Across the water, across the wave
I hear you calling Marian
Can you hear me calling you to
Save me, save me, save me from the

Marian, there's a weight above me
And the pressure is all too strong
To breathe deep
Breathe long and hard
To take the water down and go to sleep
To sink still further
Beneath the fatal wave
Marian I think I'm drowning
This sea is killing me


Was ich kann und was ich könnte
(What I can do and what I could do)
Weiss ich gar nicht mehr
(I just don't know anymore)
Gib mir wieder etwas schönes
(Give me something beautiful again)
Zieh mich aus dem Meer
(Drag me from the sea)
Ich höre dich rufen, Marian
(I hear you calling Marian)
Kannst du mich schreien hören
(Can you hear me screaming?)
Ich bin hier allein
(I am here alone)
Ich höre dich rufen, Marian
(I hear you calling Marian)
Ohne deine hilfe verliere ich mich in diesem Ort
(Without your help I am lost in this place)

[repeat Marian til end]


Michael said...

That's stunning. Mary Anna - the deepest trench on the planet. Currently journaling about Mauna Kea - the tallest mountain on the planet - if you remove the water. That leaky Fossett - dripping in everywhere.


Ben Fairhall said...

Very interesting update, Todd, thanks.

The Project Camelot transcript seems important to me, but very long. Could you attempt a short digest for we readers of limited attention span? :)


Michael said...

One other little Fosset synch wink is this pic of his downed plane, which is all red and white stripes - sort of a Masonic "calling card", if you will.

Cheers, Michael