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Monday, December 8, 2008

Helter Skelter II: Strange Days Indeed

The recent number of Beatles related milestones and symbolism perhaps reached a head last week during the anniversary of the notorious WHITE album (the 40th). The less obvious and yet powerful timing of the Mumbai Massacre on November 27th, 2008 holds a karmic connection with the boys from Liverpool, who, for anyone familiar enough with their story will recall the love affair the Fab Four had with India in 1968 (40 years ago) during their albeit brief flirtation with Transcendental Meditation under the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It was also back in February of this year (2008) that the Beatles track "Across the Universe" was beamed into outer space on the exact day of the passing of the Maharishi in his residence in The Netherlands.

According to Jay Randolph Coplin [Coplin, J.R. (1990)Text and Context in the Communication of a Social Movement's Charisma, Ideology, and Consciousness: TM for India and the West. University of California, San Diego, p. 48], the name "Mahesh" indicated that Maharishi came from a Hindu family that worshipped SHIVA.

Stories abound as to what exactly happened to make The Beatles part ways from the Maharishi, from Ringo & John's dislike of the strict vegetarian diet, to the "supposed" rumors of a sexual attack by the Maharishi upon fellow follower MIA FARROW or perhaps another young American woman and not upon Farrow herself. Whatever the true case may be, what we do know is that over 30 songs were written or developed during their stay. Many of which would appear on the unnamed WHITE covered album that only a short time later would take on a rather BLACK reputation (more on this next time). It is important to note here that musicians Mike Love of The Beach Boys and Donovan were also avid followers of the Maharishi during this time as well.

27 (the date of the Mumbai Massacre) was also a number of HIGH significance to John Lennon as was laid out in Loren Coleman's "Coincidence 27" article dealing with the newly released film about Mark David Chapman and the murder of Lennon entitled "Chapter 27".

The film's title refers to Mark David Chapman's alleged obsession with J.D. Salinger's novel The Catcher in the Rye. The title implies that Chapman's killing of Lennon was a continuation of the book, which only has 26 chapters, and which Chapman was carrying (as his "statement") when he shot Lennon. Chapman appears to have attempted to model (copycat) his life after the novel's anti-hero Holden Caulfield.

According to the December 2007 issue of the British music magazine Mojo and the Spanish language newsweekly Proceso, the film's title was further inspired by Chapter 27 of Robert Rosen's book Nowhere Man: The Final Days of John Lennon. Rosen's book examines the numerological meaning of 27, “the triple 9,” a number of profound importance to John Lennon. Lennon was deeply interested in numerology, particularly via Cheiro’s Book of Numbers, and by the number nine and all its multiples.

What might have been lost in all of this is that several tracks from The White album were recorded at TRIDENT Studios, located at 17 St. Anne's Court [see Christopher Knowles for more on the number 17], in the Soho district of London. Saint Anne (also Ann or Anna), of David's house and line, was the mother of the Virgin Mary, according to Christian tradition. Of the famous artists to have recorded at Trident Studios, an impressive number were born in the year 1947...most notably David Bowie, Marc Bolan (T Rex), Elton John, Ron Wood (The Rolling Stones) and Brian May (Queen).

Although the year 1947 may seem rather random even in the world of synchronicity, what we do know is that several things stand out which cannot be overlooked. The first being the cycle of UFO events to unfold in the United States. The second, the death of "The Great Beast" himself, Aleister Crowley (December 1st). As a side note current high profile political players Hillary Clinton & Arnold Schwarzenegger were also both born in 1947.

Researcher Loren Colman (himself born in '47) relates the following on the "UFO Wave of 1947":

Of course, it began in the nation's consciousness with Kenneth Arnold's June 24, 1947 sighting of nine (!) crescent-shaped (!) objects flying in a chain near Mount Rainier, Washington. The newspapers called them "flying saucers" but it is significant they were not "saucers" but crescents or half-MOONS.

Arnold said they moved from Mt. Rainer to Mt. Adams where they faded from view, a distance of about 50 miles, in one minute and forty-two seconds, according to the clock on his instrument panel.

While the Kenneth Arnold sighting and date are given as the "birthdate" of the modern Flying Saucer Era, it is the Maury Island Incident, three days before the Arnold encounter, which is rather important to ponder. As you know, with the links between various actors (e.g. Fred Crisman, Guy Banister) at Maury Island and then the JFK assassination, July 1947 turns in a key performance as a precusor to November 1963.

Needless to say, Roswell, NM, "happened" in July 1947 too. Despite the terrible graphics, here's a quick timeline:

John Lennon who passed away December 8th, 1980 at the age of 40 referenced his own 1974 UFO visitation over Central Park in New York in two songs... "Like a UFO you came to me, and blew away life's misery..." - Out of the Blue, from the album Mind Games.


"There's UFO's over New York, and I ain't too surprised..." - Nobody Told Me, from the album Milk and Honey

to be continued...


Anonymous said...

Dear Todd,

You are too hot to handle. Pure lightning. Where did you learn how to research anyway... Mount Olympus?

Here is another bee to your bonnet. Have you thought about the parallel between Woody Allen and Polanski re/that they share a predilection for young flesh? Add Farrow into the mix and the 'Rose-Mary's Baby'/Lennon connection and you've got a bona fide 'strange loop'. Actually, 'Evil Loop' seems more to the point. Who would be surprised if Allen turned out to be Satanus Incarnate?

Has anyone pointed out that Dec 8th is the official date of the immaculate conception of Christ? To quote the man himself: they say it's your birthday/ it's my birthday too...

Many thanks Todd...

I remain totally hooked.

Pax to the Max

Joey Altruda said...

Thanks for this article.
Very cool stuff!


Christopher Knowles said...

Don't forget the mysterious appearance of the first transistor in December of 47. At Bell Labs later Lucent Tech.

Thuth said...


Awesome, as always. Paul and Lennon are Ying Yang.

I had the most powerful synch of my life about the same day you posted this. It had to do with the Love Guru - a beatles resonating movie. It was amazing. I'll be writing it up.

Thanks for this. It's all too much to handle. I agree that it's all in the open now, and pretty amazing to watch unfold. Cannot wait for the next Helter Skelter.

Keep 'em comin'.