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Monday, December 15, 2008

WTC: World TRIDENT Center

With all due respect to photographer Ingrid Heldt and fellow researcher Steve Willner who have referenced the World Trade Center's unique three pronged base design as a "tuning fork" (I am personally not familiar with ANY three pronged Tuning Forks nor do I know if such an object would even physically produced the desired effect) , I must insist that the design is much more appropriately a TRIDENT...An article posted to the WTC's own website from the September 4th, 2007 N.Y. Times clearly states the intent, and future use of Trident symbolism to the 9/11 event...

Trident True Symbol

Two of the World Trade Center's TRIDENTS - a signature architectural element from the base of the Twin Towers - will be returned to the Memorial Plaza at Ground Zero, where they will stand sentry inside the museum pavilion, The Post has learned.

The massive steel tridents, standing up to nine stories tall, have been chosen as the iconic symbols that will be seen by millions of visitors expected to arrive at the World Trade Center Memorial after it opens in late 2009.

Since the early days of planning for the memorial, designers had been urged to include an iconic artifact as part of the public plaza at the memorial, said Alice Greenwald, director of the World Trade Center Museum.

"We looked at a number of different artifacts, and we all felt the tridents epitomized something accurate about the event, but also hopeful," Greenwald said of efforts to memorialize the events of 9/11, while painting an inspiring message of rebirth.

The tridents were formed by massive steel beams rising from the base of the towers along the outside walls. At the seventh story, the aluminum-clad beams divided into three smaller beams that continued to the 110th floor of each tower.

After the terror attacks, several sections of the towers' lower facade, including the tridents, remained standing and were eventually dismantled and removed. Some of the tridents were among the artifacts placed in storage inside Hangar 17 at JFK Airport. Greenwald said the tridents that stood after the attack are a "visual reference to the buildings that withheld and outlasted all the damage of that day."

In order to be carted off the WTC site, the beams had to be cut into 30-foot lengths to fit onto trucks. Once returned to the memorial, the pieces will be reassembled, said World Trade Center Memorial Foundation President Joseph Daniels.

Placed within the glass-walled museum pavilion, the tridents will rise up to 90 feet and will weigh about 90 tons each, Daniels said.

"These tridents in their raw form, without the aluminum cladding, are in many ways quite beautiful," Daniels said. "We expect them to be here as a signpost for the next 100 years."

The tree-lined plaza and memorial are due to open around September 2009. The museum will open about a year later.

In one of his many recent workings on the Mumbai Massacre, Ben Fairhall brings to light some details which in my mind now directly connects Mumbai to Manhattan, and thus 9/11. The Oberoi Hotel or The TRIDENT Tower which served as one of the (10?) targets of gunmen who took the city hostage on Nov. 27th, overlooks an area of lower Mumbai known as The Queen's Necklace in very similar fashion to the postioning of the former WTC Towers and The Emerald Necklace (thanks James Ratte comments from The Daily Behemoth) of lower Manhattan Island. According to Fairhall's "Dark Towers" post " The resonantly-named Nariman Point is nearby [The Oberoi Hotel], 'the Manhattan of India'.


Christopher Knowles said...

Trident? Poseidon. Poseidon? Atlantis.

Can't help but feel a strange link between WTC and Dubai...

aferrismoon said...

Perhaps the tuning fork works netaphysically , getting people to tune into 'tri'.

Anonymous said...

invented by Brittannia's John [Sea] Shore, the tuning fork uses two prongs because this produces pure "fundamental" tones at constant pitch

theoretically, a tri-pronged fork might emit impure tones at inconstant pitches (as inconstant as shakespeare's moon lol)

pitch changes according to length of the prongs (no "prong" jokes pls)

WTC and Mumbai are equi-valent events, there's a war on you know, wakey wakey

whether manhattan or mumbai, the trident is the controlling symbol and activator here -- combining and celebrating the Mary/time locales (seashore), feminine trinitarianism (Mumbye Trident Tower plus foundational WTC tridents,) elite global economic power, and the ur-weapon of Typhon/Neptune/Enki/Devil etc, an entity much older than its associated human names

whether Emerald Necklace or Queen's Necklace, these are elite, goddess-worshipping gildings, disguised offerings to Her Herness from Ma/Sonic elements that run the planet

Manhattan is probly the wealthiest county in america, and Mumbai correllates

the wiki link Todd provides to "Marine Drive" is loaded -- located in SOUTH Mumbai as WTC in south or lower manhattan

south infers libidic or infernal generally

Mumbai's Marine Drive leads to the major Mumbai Shiva temple, the Babulnath (=Babylon/Babel connecting to WTC and NY)

the Marine Drive promenade is lined with palm trees (see fairhall et al.)

nothern terminus of the Drive is Chowpatty Beach (= Cow patties, lol -- ie the goddess, our Sacred Cow)

Sacred Cows make fine dining!

v instructive post Todd, thx


Anonymous said...

If the trident is prongs down and then encircled it takes on a whole new energy.

Remember Sept 11, 2001 was the UN International Day of Peace

11 September 2001


11 September 2001

NEW YORK, 10 September (UN Headquarters) -- Following is the text of a message from Secretary-General Kofi Annan on the occasion of International Day Of Peace (11 September):

The International Day of Peace is a day on which we try to imagine a world quite different from the one we know.

We try to picture those who wage war laying down their arms and talking out their differences.

We try to picture all governments listening to -- and acting on -- the will of the people.

We try to picture hatred turning into respect, bigotry turning into understanding, and ignorance turning into knowledge.

And we try to picture the very root causes of conflict -- poverty, marginalization and greed -- giving way to development and justice.

We do this because progress in our world does not happen without someone first having a vision or a dream.

The International Day of Peace started with such a dream. It was proclaimed 20 years ago by the United Nations General Assembly, at the initiative of Costa Rica.

This year, at the initiative of Costa Rica and the United Kingdom, the Assembly decided to go one step further. It declared that the International Day of Peace should be a day of global ceasefire and non-violence.

This step promises to be more than symbolic. Where respected, it will have practical effect. Where truces are observed, medical and developmental agencies can provide vital services to civilian victims in safety. And even a one-day pause in the fighting gives us something to build on in the work to end conflict.

On this International Day of Peace, let us dare to imagine a world free of conflict and violence. And let us seize the opportunity for peace to take hold, day by day, year by year, until every day is a day of peace."