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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Astral Watchmen

"Time is a luxury, can you afford it?"

Swiss watchmaker Borgeaud has now teamed up with Indian fortune tellers, have created a watch that is claimed to be able to predict the future.

The Borgeaud watch automatically displays a daily 90-minute period called the Rahu Kaal, which is believed to be the worst time to make important decisions or start new projects. The watch face has a bedpan-shaped section, which will turn brown when the worst time is about to strike and turn back to its normal color when the Rahu Kaal is over and “dark astral forces” have left the area.

The watch maker claims this watch is useful to warn anyone when misfortune is about to strike. The company will be producing only limited number of these fortune telling watches - there will be 500 for women and 150 for men and each will cost £1,500 or USD $2,000 each. The company seems to be hinting women will have higher chance to get bad days to strike.


Melissae said...

Heard this on NPR this a.m. driving in to work. They certainly are getting the word out. Just what a mildly paranoid type needs...a mood watch. Interesting story.

FilmNoir23 said...

Well, like many cultures India is a highly superstitious one...oddly, this watch is priced for Elites, NOT the common people of India, who one would expect to be bigger believers in such things.

I was also drawn to how this "period" might have played into the Mumbai Massacre...

Jon Kidd said...

A connection to minority report I believe. Jet pilots pay up into the 5 digits for watches. I was in Richmond B.C. at a mall when I went into a store containing watches in the 14000-17000 dollar price range(for high altitudes). Now I imagine you can pay as much as you want for anything. So I'm thinking there trying to aim at naive Americans(Canada,Mexico.)

This ones claiming to rise the attitude of your existence. Ahead of the curve...behind the 8 ball as George Carlin said.

Takes me back to what I heard of the 70s crystal fad fascination. Just an example though.

Anonymous said...

quite agree on the "dark astral forces" emphasis, Todd -- this is the shucksters' attempted wedge into the Dreaming Mind

fear and vanity drive consumer culture

cheers, ray