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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The DOUBLE Whammy

While much of the Southern and Eastern United States entered the month of March with a massive snow storm…the Mirroring or Doubling Effect oft cited here was once again at work. In Michigan, Sarah Reinfelder, a woman with TWO wombs overcame all odds by giving birth to TWIN Girls; one from each of her TWO uteri (or a Mullerian abnormality).

My recent coverage of TWINS [here], and the darkly Cronenbergian nature of this story launches us directly towards the March 10th DOUBLE Killing sprees in Alabama and Germany…one day prior to Space Shuttle Discovery’s STS-119 (911=TWIN Towers or Emergency) departure. This mission will mark BELLWOOD, Ill. Astronaut and Shuttle Captain Lee Joseph Archambault’s SECOND time in space. He was also aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis' TWO-week mission in 2007. This Discovery mission will essentially DOUBLE the power of the Space Station, making room for TWO new science facilities. It is also interesting to note that the last man to have walked on the Moon was also from BELLWOOD, Ill. His name, Eugene Cernan...the two mens' backgrounds practically mirror one another.

In his excitement, Archambault commented: "We’re going to go back to the moon. We’re going to use what we learn when we go back to the moon, and how to live on the moon for an extended period of time, and we’re going to go to Mars and we’re going to live on Mars, and then that’ll set the stage for who knows going even beyond Mars"

I would also remind readers the deep connections I have made in past articles between THE QUESTION aka RORSCHACH as CERES' Avenger, and the possible triggering effect embedded in director Zach Snyder's work which could have set off the first Virginia Tech event in 2007. Copycat expert Loren Coleman is also cautioning about the April 20, Ceres period today at his site [here]. More on The Watchmen 3/6/9 soon...


Nightghost said...

Amazing stuff!! Very good observances.

aferrismoon said...

Re: 119
Jeremy Benthams passport [ in LOST] is valid from Dec [20]07 to Dec [20]17 - 7x17=119

Psalm 119 has 22 verses all 8 lines in length. In the Torah each line of each verse of 8 begins with a Hebrew letter. That makes 176 lines in all = 2x88.

I mention this as Locke-Bentham plays out an obviously Masonic initiation in the latest episode [ episode 8 I think]
some sexy pics of this at my blog