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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ghost of a Chance...

Without getting into a morality argument in the Roman Polanski saga, I am perplexed with the timing of his recent detainment in Zurich. These charges are WELL known, have been haunting him and his victim for some 32 years. Aside from not reentering the U.S., Roman is a HIGH profile world traveler...he very well could have been picked up by just about any Government in the World at any time if there had been an "Okay" from the powers that be.

Polanski's infamous "Deal with the Devil"; the sacrificial exchange of his wife and unborn child for directorial success and power is a theory that has existed in the dark recesses of conspiracy circles for many years. Is it possible that the dark powers that have held Polanski's marker since 1969 have finally decided to collect? Is it even more possible that the reason this Faustian drama is going to come to an end here and now is directly related to block the completion and release of the heralded director's upcoming film, "The Ghost"?

Based directly on the novel of the same name by Brit journalist/author Robert Harris, "The Ghost" deals with a fictionalized former British Prime Minister Tony Blair; explosive evidence is uncovered by a ghost-writer hired to write the Prime Minister's memoirs which would implicate him of International War crimes committed during the War with Iraq.

Did Polanski cross the line desiring to bring this story to the public? An egotistical slap-in-the-face to the dark powers that made him who he has been, and kept him safe from prosecution all these many years. I could see this story not siting well within the Secret Commonwealth...

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