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Friday, October 2, 2009

Necromancy in the U.K.

this from the Cambridge News- U.K.:

CHURCH leaders fear an occult centre due to open on Christmas Eve will target Cambridge University students. Magus Lynius Shadee, self-named King of All Witches, has announced he will open in the city centre by December 24. He already runs similar organisations in France and has sparked fears that his centre will target the vulnerable. It is expected to dabble in manifestations of the dead, paranormal experiences, black magic, séances and occult books. Based in Normandy, France, the "magician" claims to be able to prove that the afterlife exists by bringing back the dead. Mr Shadee told the News: "I do not preach, I can prove it and any sceptic is more than welcome to join me, then they too will have a new born life." The witch hopes to open the centre just before Christmas. He said: "The ideal date would be December 24, however if our lease is delayed then a freehold purchase will be obtained, through a separate agent, then we would open on that date." Mr Shadee refused to reveal where the shop would be because of lease negotiations but said it would be in the city centre. The shop and "surgery" will be open to the public and will offer exorcisms, physical research, paranormal phenomena, direct voice communication, manifestation of "ghosts" and witchcraft. And there could be a registration for births, deaths and marriages. But Father David Paul of St Laurence's Roman Catholic Church in Milton Road, raised fears over the occultist's move on the city. He said: "It will be a shockingly bad thing for Cambridge. Whilst it is obviously a load of nonsense it will appeal to people who are in distress or are vulnerable. It really is manipulation of people's fears and a complete fraud. People who go to these things often end up with mental problems. "A lot of Cambridge University students come to the city and can be very vulnerable. This sort of thing may seem interesting but it is actually very seedy." The Rev Ian Church, who told the News he has been investigating Mr Shadee, visited his occult centre in Neuilly-le-Vendin, Normandy on Saturday. He said: "It was quite an experience. There were several ritual and séance rooms and what really struck us was the intense and extreme cold in the rooms. "Mr Shadee is most certainly an occultist in the truest form and I am of no doubt of the powers he can summon, within the paranormal. My concerns are that if he is allowed to open an occult centre there would be an epidemic of anti-faiths."

Interestingly, a quick search of Magus Lynius Shadee (Shadey...???) also revealed some insights into the "synchosphere's" favorite High Priestess, the Material Girl herself, Madonna. It seems back in 2003 when "Madge", as she is known across the pond, was investing 5 Million in a Kabbalah Centre; Magus Shadee was leaving posts condeming Madonna's form of magick to his own.

The King of All Witches words from two separate posts as they appeared in the comments section of The Inquirer article on Madonna:

occult centre

Madona's practical workings within the kabala, has only one direction, it is a negative format, that only moves within the material world, the dark elements of ritual sacrifice. The occult centre she supports has no connection with
she has become the fly catcher, a stick tape, encouraging, inerscent people, then they get stuck,

Magus Lunius Shadee`

posted by : Magus Lynius Shadee`, 14 June 2008

Madona (Madge)

The word occult or occult centre, is not and should not be interpreted within, what she and her ignorant group practice the kabala they interpret, is a sacrificial dark and negative direction, which creates element that form as shadows, or commonly known as hunters, they are opened up by a slaughter ritual, very much like the lesser key of soloman, the geotia: ect; within the practical application of of this format, which is directed at wealth, want, greed and material power. The biggest danger that this has is that the shadow/hunters have no loyalty, and can be controlled by a greater controller and turn the negative back, which is now happening.

Live life to the full, with honesty, as there are greater controllers in the invisible world, universe and within the (Dark Energy Formats) than you could ever imagine.
Magus Lynius Shadee` of The occult Centre.

posted by : Magus Lynius Shadee`, 11 July 2008

As if this wasn't odd enough...the Right Reverand Ian Church from the Cambrige News article above follows up in the comments section in April of 2009; hot on the Magus' trail...

Magus Lynius Shadee`

I am researching ( Magus Lynius Shadee` ) the Occultist and also known as the King of All Witches, I understand he has had great success in materialisations and direct voice through ritual workings, does anyone have any information on him.

Any help would be most appreciated both by mysef and his holiness.


Rev. Church

posted by : Rev. Ian Church, 21 April 2009

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Ben Fairhall said...

Fascinating... Shadee's critique of Madonna and the Berg version of 'kabbalah' is very timely.