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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Atlantis Found Again?

Undersea archaeologists have found the ruins of an ancient city on the bottom of the Caribbean Sea, and researchers claim that it is the fabled and lost city of Atlantis. The satellite photos do show something that could be a city, and the researchers believe that what they've found would predate the pyramids of Egypt. Indeed they claim to be able to make out a pyramid and other city-like structures from the satellite photos.

The archaeologists have so far refused to divulge their identities or the location in the Caribbean. They say they are raising money for an expedition to confirm their findings.

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Therese said...

Atlantis again ... I think that site in the Carribean is already known. At least, I have seen films of what appears to be a "road" and buildings photographed from above, far under the blue water.

I always liked the description of Atlantis from C.S. Lewis' The Magician's Nephew:"My first task was of course to study the box itself. It was very ancient. And I knew enough even then to know that it wasn't Greek, or Old Egyptian, or Babylonian, or Hittite, or Chinese. It was older than any of those nations. ... it came from the lost island of Atlantis. That meant it was centuries older than any of the stone-age things they dig up in Europe. And it wan't a rough, crude thing like them either. For in the very dawn of time Atlantis was already a great city with palaces and temples and learned men."