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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"This Moment to ARise"

A Tornado of Red-Winged Blackbirds

I don't know if I have any readers left following my incredibly long absence this year...but anyone who has followed my work should not be surprised that my attention has been consumed by the recent deaths of some 5,000 Red-winged BLACKBIRDS in Beebe, AR. ("BEE" farmer).,0,3701037.story

This mass death is being considered blunt force trauma after poisons, and other modes of death have been ruled out by various sources statewide. Official causes are being presented as confusion created by fireworks on that evening, leading the birds to fly into houses and cars; to one report which suggested that 20 loud booms were reported just prior to the birds demise which was methane gas explosions again attributed to fireworks being shot into the sky.

This bizarre open air bird drop took place Friday, December 31st 2010...during the same period some 80 to 100,000 fish turned up dead in the nearby Arkansas River.

Both events are also tied to a series of tornadoes earlier that day, which swept across Missouri and within 150 miles of Beebe, in Cincinnati, AR. where 3 people were confirmed dead. According to tornado records, only one other tornado has ever been reported at this time of year. Obviously, Arkansas Governor Mike BEEBE ("BEE" farmer) called for a state of emergency.

Monday, January 3rd 2011 another mass bird death is reported in Pointe Coupee, LA. ("Place of the cut off"). This time 500 birds, mostly Red-winged BLACKBIRDS with Starlings mixed in, fell from the skies dead on impact. January 3rd is not exactly one of the hottest firework display dates on ANY calender, and in my mind rules out all previous attempts to explain the Dec. 31st event.

***Breaking News*** Similar stories are now appearing in Kentucky on a smaller scale, and from Maryland where hundreds of thousands of dead fish are turning up in the Chesapeake Bay. Winter weather conditions are the main culprit in these deaths...

****The Plot thickens**** Randomly Sweden enters the scene

STOCKHOLM — Officials say about 50 birds have been found dead on a street in Sweden.

Veterinarian Robert ter Horst says the cause of jackdaws' (A SMALL VARIETY OF EUROPEAN CROW/BLACKBIRD) deaths was unclear but that fireworks were set off near the scene Tuesday night.

The birds were found dead on Wednesday.

Ter Horst says cold weather, difficulties finding food and possible shock from the fireworks could be responsible, leading to the stressed birds either dying from the stress or being run over by vehicles.

Five of the dead jackdaws found in the city of Falkoping were being tested.

Mass bird deaths aren't uncommon.

In the U.S., New Year's Eve fireworks were blamed in Arkansas for killing thousands of blackbirds, and a few days later power lines likely killed about 450 birds in Louisiana.

Next time we will delve further into BLACKBIRDS, The New Madrid Fault Zone...and what could be happening in the American South in the coming year.


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