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Thursday, May 1, 2008

D.C. Madam silenced for good

It was reported only a short time ago that convicted sexual service provider to the D.C. Politicos, Deborah Jeane Palfrey (aka The D.C. Madam) was found dead at her mother's home in Florida of an "apparent" suicide...

Palfrey pictured far left...notice all the Chemtrails overhead. A priceless photo in my opinion.

Palfrey appeared on ABC's 20/20 as part of an investigative report on 4 May 2007.[4] In combination with Palfrey's statement that she has 10,000 to 15,000 phone numbers of clients, this has caused several clients' lawyers to contact Palfrey to see whether accommodations could be made to keep their identities private.[5] Ultimately, ABC News, after going through what was described as "46 lbs" [21 kg] of phone records, decided that none of the potential clients was sufficiently "newsworthy" to bother mentioning.[6]

The scandal has led to the resignation of Ambassador Randall L. Tobias from his State Department position and as the Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development. Also named was Washington Times columnist Harlan Ullman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

On July 9th, 2007 Palfrey released the supposed entirety of her phone records for public viewing and download on the Internet in TIFF format, though days prior to this, her civil attorney Montgomery Blair Sibley had dispatched 54 CD-ROM copies to researchers, activists, and journalists. Senator David Vitter (R-LA) acknowledged on the night of July 9th that he had been a customer of Palfrey's escort service.

View the released phone records here before they too are forever removed from existence.

Almost one year ago today (May 4th, 2007) she made the following remark on her ABC 20/20 appearance..."I'm not going to let these bastards get away with it" looks as though THEY have. R.I.P.


One of the escort service employees was former University of Maryland, Baltimore County, professor Brandy Britton, who was arrested on prostitution charges in 2006. She committed suicide in January before she was scheduled to go to trial.

Last year, Palfrey said she, too, was humiliated by her prostitution charges, but said: "I guess I'm made of something that Brandy Britton wasn't made of."


Christopher Loring Knowles said...

We should have all seen that one coming. I guess she did enough damage already, as witnessed by all the "retiring" congressmen.

FilmNoir23 said...

Since posting, it is coming out that she "wanted to die" before ever returning to prison...maybe so. Funny that the X-Files environment really reminds me of this type of activity.

Vapo said...

I knew this was coming for some time..and I think most know it too. What would be interesting is how they (Globalist Goon Squads)would handle let's say 10,000 people that had that kind of information and threatening to put it out in the open..that's alot of "Suicides" to work out..

The picture is priceless .. there isn't a day here that I do not see the same thing(Chems)..anymore you see it in alot of commercials and documentaries..

Nice post Todd!

Have a great day!


Michael Skaggs said...

I was wondering when this was going to happen..of course I thought she'd just disappear, but I guess their favorite game to play is "apparent suicide".

Atlantean Times said...

Hi todd

So let me get this straight, this Great Whore just happened to expose all this on the highly suspect 60 minutes the day after Madeleine McCann disappeared.

I dont adam and eve it....thats extremely good timing...too good imo...sounds like a ritual sacrifice of EGOS to me...

cheers for this highly thought provoking my man