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Friday, May 2, 2008

Only Chickens Cut and Run...

Oh the irony...Mission Accomplished alright

...It is a statement I've heard a lot around these parts...but to imagine the full flavor of it, you really have to add the Southern drawl to it. People stand on street corners here some afternoons screaming it at passersby, attempting to get already feeble drivers to "honk" if they support the war. Well, it would seem that the powers that be, the war machine itself didn't really support the war either. In a new book by Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez, he recounts conversations with then Secretary of Defense Donald "Rummy" Rumsfeld in which Rumsfeld more or less plays dumb to the "cut and run" orders being given all across the highest chain of military command (so says Gen. Sanchez) that left him in charge of all military operations in Iraq. Understaffed, untrained for such an operation, and without any support from the biggest players at CENTCOM, The Pentagon, much less the White House; Rummy attempted to get him to "take the blame" by offering him a job but then by suggesting that General Sanchez "should have told someone" about the situation.

I think for those of us with eyes wide open none of this is much of a surprise. The charm of this story is that one of their own (one of their blind faith field generals) is trying to blow the whistle and expose this for what it is...a sham, from top to act of theater on a world stage...a bit of the old ULTRAVIOLENCE (or Shock and Awe) with nothing more than a boot full of sand underneath it all.

Thats how these people operate...if you EVER decide to play with these kids, watch your friggin' back.

From CNN's coverage of the story: (IT'S AN EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK WHICH IS WORTH THE READ!!!!)
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aferrismoon said...

All chickens 'cept Chicken Little!
'Rum' has the meaning of 'tricky' as in a very rum affair

Best of Cluck to yoos all

aferrismoon said...

And of course who chases chickens - FOX