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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Say cheese!

Next time you pass a CCTV camera in your town, rest assured you're...being watched. Maybe you're not safer because of it but Big Brother is keeping an eye on you...a new statement issued by Scotland Yard announced that there was NO proof that the countries massive build up of surveillance cameras were having any impact on crime whatsoever. Well, thats encouraging isn't it?

The real question is, what drastic NEW measures will the police take to MAKE bloody sure the numbers look respectable enough to one day justify making the world look like "The Truman Show"...

· A new database of images which is expected to use technology developed by the sports advertising industry to track and identify offenders.

· Putting images of suspects in muggings, rape and robbery cases out on the internet from next month.

· Building a national CCTV database, incorporating pictures of convicted offenders as well as unidentified suspects. The plans for this have been drawn up, but are on hold while the technology required to carry out automated searches is refined.

In my opinion, the sad part; most of the people on the street didn't have much of an opinion one way or the other because they were convinced most of the cameras were dummies anyway...Good grief.


Benjamin Singleton said...

Even the lollipop ladies are getting in on the act!

FilmNoir23 said...

Could you send a shortened link to this story or email it to me directly?

Vapo said...

With all the CCTV I wonder if the show " Your on Candid Camera " from years past was just pure predictive programming..the cameras are not dummies..only the peasants are who put up with it are. Black spray paint anyone? :)

Have a great day!


FilmNoir23 said...

No doubt about it Vapo!

Paint it Black baby!

Joshua said...

EVERY corner in my new 'hood' has cameras...very disturbing. I left Long Beach, CA one of the worst crime ridden 'hoods' in Southern Kali; for Hillsboro, OR one of the 'safest' 'hoods' in the Portland area. Wouldn't you know it I'm being watched on my morning jogs going to Trader Joes etc, etc.
Like anythig happens here, but you'd best have your current registration on your vehicle or else!

Peace out

P.S. how did you add the rating option at the bottom of the articles?

aferrismoon said...

Perhaps CC = Comedy central and all the pics will be uploaded there and we can laugh at ourselves

Vapo said...

Have a great time Todd! Put the electronics away and enjoy the days!


FilmNoir23 said...

Joshua...not sure what rating article thingy you are talking about??? I'll look into it but didn't add it or see it on my end.

Point taken Vapo!

Joshua said...

Dude it was there I swear by my soul, it was there. Then poof it was gone...when I came back to see if you'd replyed back and if others had rated the article (it was at the bottom of ALL of your articles)it had a up to 5 star rating dial I gave the article a 4 rating. Looked at blogger if it was some new feature...nothing and no other blogs had it, JUST YOU...weird.

Regenarate my friend, enjoy your visit in N.C.

Alexander Landrum said...

If that is the case, that people look at these gadgets as mere "dummies," then that's humiliation in the part of the city police. These have been acquired to ensure the public’s safety, and the people should feel that way.


FilmNoir23 said...


The point of the entire article was there was NO PROOF they were keeping anyone, I am not sure of your point.