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Thursday, November 27, 2008

December 5th, 2007: Don't Cross Dick

Following up on the Anne Pressly, December 5th 2007 connection some VERY intriguing new developments have surfaced...

It was announced late last night that a suspect in the brutal beating/murder of the Arkansas anchorwoman had been arrested. However, the story doesn't stop there...

Little Rock - Little Rock Police called a press conference at 10pm Wednesday night and named Curtis Lavell Vance as a suspect in the murder of KATV morning anchor Anne Pressly. Shortly after, Vance was captured.

Vance was arrested at a house on 24th and Cross St in Little Rock, after police received a tip-off. Police say the car he was driving was located at 20th and Pulaski.

Vance, 28 years old, of MARIANNA, Arkansas, is accused of capital murder.

Earlier Wednesday night, Police Chief Stuart Thomas said Vance had fled his Marianna home with a woman and three young children. Vance was believed armed with a 9mm pistol, and police said he had plenty of ammunition. [Keep in mind that Pressly was NOT shot]

Police offered neither a reason for the attack nor any details about why Vance was suspected of the murder. [Keep in mind that it was reported that there was NO evidence at the home of Anne Pressly]

Pressly was attacked and severely beaten in her home on October 20th, and died October 25th.

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What HAS come to light earlier in the week is that Anne Pressly's medical records were breached through St. Vincent Health System, and six people have been fired as a result. The highly private medical records were accessed by up to 8 individuals since her death on October 25th.

In statements issued by chief executive and system President, Peter Banko said he encountered a similar situation when he served as vice president of a Texas hospital system in 2006.

One of the hospitals in the system had as a patient Harry Whittington, who was accidentally shot and wounded by Vice President Dick Cheney while hunting in Texas.

"The same thing happened in that instance," Mr. Banko said. "People got curious and accessed things they shouldn't have accessed. And we did the same thing then: We terminated them." [I bet PEOPLE got curious]

More likely Dick's hands as claimed but a pattern emerges nonetheless...

Interesting connection, as it was VP Dick Cheney whom is directly connected to Anne Pressly via the December 5th, 2007 encounter in Arkansas which would place her in the limelight nationally that fateful day; and may have directly influenced her casting in Oliver Stone's film "W."

Do NOT forget that Dick Cheney has been outed by former CIA Sex Slave Cathy O'Brien [see her book Trance-Formation of America] for his "supposed" involvement in hunting women for his own amusement...referred to as "The Most Dangerous Game". The infamous "naked woman" appearing in the reflection of his sunglasses on a fishing trip also surfaced online [although I have no reason to buy this] which at the VERY least represents a trail of possible behavior from the VICE President. Was Anne Pressly more intimately involved with Dick Cheney after their "chance" encounter on December 5th, 2007??? Did she wind up dead as a result? Worth a look...


Accidental Alchemist said...

A post that makes you go hmm. Well done!

wise woman said...

Glad you haven't let this go - it has a bad smell to it.

I am reminded of other female celebrities murdered in their own homes - Rebecca Schaeffer & Adrienne Shelly (her office) & there was Jill Dando, the news presenter in England, shot outside her home.