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Friday, November 7, 2008

Mr. Sun King Rising

As the now dangerous category 4 Hurricane Paloma (The Dove) bears down on the Caymen Islands and Cuba (should play heavily in the Obama/Kennedy mirroring) this weekend, the symbolism of this post-election storm should not be lost...Columbia (The Dove) the Goddess is reborn?

The "Chosen One" Barack Obama stands as the savior of New Atlantis...The Sun King rising?

The Dove & The in same?

On Tuesday, October 28th Michael of GOSPORN loosely connected Obama's Hawaiian roots with a concept of heaven on Earth in his article "Blue Hawaii". Researcher Christopher Knowles would capitalize later with his posts dealing with Philadelphia (DELPHI) and The Phoenix.

quoted from Knowles:

"Philadelphia is an interesting city for a few reasons. First of all, it was first capital of the United States and hosted the first Constiutional Convention. There's a mammoth Masonic lodge there, just a short walk from the Franklin Institute, named in honor of the famous founding father and Freemason/Rosicrucian/Hellfire Club Initiate. But there may be a double entendre at work here: "Philly" brings us back to Philae, the ancient Egyptian city sacred to Isis (particularly in Roman times) and believed to be one of the burial places of Osiris."

I HIGHLY recommend giving the following articles your FULL attention:

Nov. 5th

"The history of the Hawaiian Islands oddly resembles the history of Albion - a unification of islands by blood and war. King Kamehameha was the first King of Hawaii - the Pacific King George."

Elvis' reworking of La Paloma for the 1961 Film "Blue Hawaii"

One of the MOST recorded songs in history is "La Paloma" which would later be reworked by Elvis Presley as "NO MORE" in his film "Blue Hawaii" and according to wikipedia:

The motif of "Valgame Dios, Gonzalo es La Paloma" (the dove) can be traced back to an episode that occurred in 492 BC preliminary to Darius' invasion of Greece, a time when the white dove had not yet been seen in Europe.[1] The Persian fleet under Mardonius was caught in a storm off the shore of Mount Athos and being wrecked when the Greeks observed white doves escaping from the sinking Persian ships. This inspired the notion that such birds bring home a final message of love from a sailor who is lost at sea. This theme that a final link of love overcomes death and separation is reflected in "La Paloma"

The recent death of Arkansas newscaster Anne PRESSLY [see December 5th, 2007 Revisited] also resonates with Elvis "The King", and James Shelby Downard's now legendary King Kill 33 theory; in which he attempts to document the Masonic inspired ritualistic execution of President John F. Kennedy.

We should also NOT forget that the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series the week prior to the election. The connection to the Liberty Bell also resonates with Pennsylvania via the Kecksberg event of December 9th, 1965 .

Recreation of the Kecksberg "Acorn" craft thought to have decended from Nazi technology.

The Nazi Bell UFO story is quite fascinating as Joseph Farrell documents in his books Reich of the Black Sun, The SS Brotherhood of the Bell and his RED ICE interview. This relates directly to the most recent neo-nazi plot to assassinate President elect Obama (as reported here atLoren Coleman's Copycat Effect), and the recent ACORN voter registration scandal. Think about it...

Christopher Knowles does even if he doesn't fully realize it in his current post
in which he discusses the "supposed" UFO sightings at recent political events involving Obama, Philadelphia, the King Tut exhibit and Bruce Springsteen's song "The Rising"...for a guy that "hates" politics and denounces conspiracy theory, he sure seems to be FULLY embroiled in both. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.. No disrespect of course, I admire Christopher's work tremendously.

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The cracked Bell of Liberty...


Michael said...

Awesome. Thanks for the shout out, BTW. The Elvis/Hawaii/Paloma synch is amazing (glad you didn't bring in Picasso and his "blue" period, that would really be reaching... ;-)

"The Church of Philadelphia" also plays a big part in John's Revelation - being the one church that isn't in one way or another found wanting at the end. It would figure that various crypto-symbolic "churches" would attempt to paint themselves with the Philadelphia brush.

Interesting times. Cheers,


ray said...

there's nothing theoretical about 'king kill 33' and yes, the subtext of the installati . . . oops election was a re-dedication of america to the goddess, esp in aspect as isis, ishtar and hera

long before its 'founding' america was selected as a permanent home for the goddess, and for those who worshipped/worship her

the sun-god "O" in obama's signature, quaintly, almost exactly matches the zodiac killer's target/circle mark

i agree that the 'secret sun' blog (appropriately) covers the egyptobama angle well

the obamination!

solid post here, ta ta

aferrismoon said...

Amman , capital of Jordan was known as Philadelphia.
Also thinking of UNA PALOMA BLANCA, a pop song of the 70's bu a Dutch band.
Dove in hebrew = IVNH[71] = Jonah, so a 'dove' of sorts in the whale's belly, but synching with the one that flew off the Ark.
The Dove = an ancient symbol of Israel
Obama in some photos does resemble the depictions of Akhenaton.
Maritimely - Osiris got shut up in a coffin apushed out to sea by Set. he floated until he met a tree which slowly grew round the coffined God.
The tree is called the ERICA,[ I AM ERICA]