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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MOR than just SUM MON-u-MUM-t

More pyramid related news today...perhaps less impressive than yesterday's announcement of a new discovery in Egypt but given the amount of Egyptian/Gnostic/Sun imagery that has been rising to the surface of late, this does tend to add fuel to the already smoldering fire; that is our current symbolic landscape.

An artists rendering of the desired MONUMENT

The Supreme Court began hearing the case of a Gnostic Christian group's (one VERY closely related to and/or linked with Freemasonry) request to have a monument erected in the Mormon stronghold of Pleasant Grove, Utah. The city perviously denied the Salt Lake City-based Summum organization's attempt to place it's "Seven Aphorisms of Summum" marker next to an existing one of The Ten Commandments in a public park. [the Summum website can be found here]. The current monument was erected and paid for by the Fraternal Order of Eagles in 1971. (The guys that take credit for the Hallmark money maker that is Mother's Day)

At issue is whether such donated monuments on public property represent "private" or "government" speech. A ruling from the justices clarifying the difference would affect municipalities nationwide, as well as a range of expressive memorials, from 9/11 victim tributes to battlefield markers.

"The heart of the question is whether the government may discriminate based on content, and that's a First Amendment question," said Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Pyramid Headquarters of Summum. Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Summum was founded in 1975 by Summum "Corky" Bonum Amon Ra, who said ALIEN visitors -- or "advanced living beings"-- visited him one day after work, appearing hairless and blue and revealing to him the Summum concepts. After spreading the word and launching his legal fight to erect his monuments, Corky died earlier this year. "

Followers of Summum believe Moses first descended from Mount Sinai with the aphorisms instead of the Ten Commandments, which is perhaps more of what is at issue here.

The philosophies of Summum are based on Hermetic teachings as documented in the "Kybalion", written anonymously in 1912 under the pseudonymn "The Three Initiates". Again, the "As Above, So Below" axiom is on display, oddly this time out in the open.

The Seven Aphorisms are as follows: a quick summery of each can be found at the Summum website or wikipedia

1) Mentalism
2) Correspondence
3) Vibration
4) Polarity
5) Rhythm
6) Cause and Effect
7) Gender

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