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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Revolution 9/9/09

Magritte's "Son of Man" 1964


The association of the number nine with The Beatles, and particularly John Lennon, has been undeniably obvious through the years. Once again it seems the number nine is being employed to play yet another role in the history of the Beatles.

On September 9, 2009 (09/09/09), Apple/EMI Records, on behalf of the surviving Beatles, will release its digitally re-mastered Beatles catalog as well as its "The Beatles: Rock Band" video game. One person who dismisses the idea of the forthcoming release date of 09/09/09 as a mere marketing ploy is Joseph Niezgoda, author of the recently published book The Lennon Prophecy, a chapter of which is devoted particularly to John Lennon's association with the number nine.

"I truly believe this is another clue that plays into a lot of Beatle and John Lennon mythology," said Niezgoda. "The association of the number nine with The Beatles, and more particularly with John Lennon, has been undeniably obvious throughout the years, a fact which did not escape Lennon himself, nor those close to him and his many biographers. John had a fascination with numerology and particularly the number nine, reflected in his songs Revolution 9, #9 Dream and One After 909. Dealing with the devil is the major theme of The Lennon Prophecy and if you invert 09/09/09, it is 06/06/06 or "666" which is the sign of the devil."

"It was Lennon himself who once proclaimed "There are no coincidences!" and I most certainly concur," add Niezgoda.

In The Lennon Prophecy Niezgoda offers a new interpretation of the hidden messages and symbols that have ornamented Beatles mythology for years and offers the view that Lennon joined historical figures such as Mississippi "Crossroads" blues guitarist Robert Johnson, Dr. Johann Faust, Pope Slyvester among others who entered into a pact with the devil to exchange their souls for earthly successes.

Niezgoda dissects and examines the Beatles' and Lennon's recordings and album artwork and follows a fascinating and unique trail of sorcery, mysticism, numerology, backwards masking, anagrams and literary and theological writings to explain his conclusions. The Lennon Prophecy puts forth the theory that a 20-year-old Lennon, so disillusioned with a life of sadness and disappointment where he was abandoned by his father and stricken with the death of his mother, entered into a deal with the devil to achieve fame and fortune!

Niezgoda puts forth that a 20-year pact began in December of 1960, shortly before a night when Beatlemania first struck audiences on December 27, 1960 when the Fab Four played at Town Hall Ballroom in Litherland, England. During that performance, as Niezgoda reports, "The Beatles evoked a response noticeably different from anything in their past." From there, the Beatles inexplicably shot immediately to global fame never seen before or since. The 20-year pact came to its tragic conclusion on December 8, 1980, when Mark David Chapman, who testified he was possessed by demons, fulfilled the end of the contract by murdering Lennon outside of his apartment at The Dakota in New York City.

Clues foretelling the death of Lennon are revealed in album covers such as Rubber Soul, Yesterday and Today, A Collection of Beatles Oldies, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Yellow Submarine, Magical Mystery Tour, Abbey Road as well as Lennon solo albums Imagine and Walls and Bridges. Songs that also reveal the mysterious prediction of death and connections to the devil include "Tomorrow Never Knows," "I Am The Walrus," "Come Together," "One After 909," "Let It Be," "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," and "Revolution No. 9," which Niezgoda reveals is in itself a step-by-step preview of his actual assassination.

The video for the biggest hit off Lennon's last album "(Just Like) Starting Over" also reveals an intriguing clue that brings the literary world of James Joyce in the myriad of clues.Lennon's alleged anti-Christian behavior as well as famous declaration that the Beatles were "Bigger than Jesus" are also presented as evidence of a possible pact. Niezgoda also dispels the "Paul-is-Dead" mythology that theorized that the Beatles inserted clues in their songs how Paul McCartney was killed in a car crash.

In The Lennon Prophecy, Niezgoda also outlines the many significant events in the life of Lennon, including dates, times, places, and birthdays- which either directly or by digit summary equal the recurring total of nine. For instance: Lennon was born on the 9th of the month, at 6:30 (6+3=9) am; he lived at number 9 Newcastle Rd. as a child; Beatles manager Brian Epstein first saw the Beatles play on the 9th of November 1961; George Martin agreed to sign the Beatles to EMI on the 9th of May, 1962, and saw them play for the first time on the 9th of November; their first single entered the chart on the 27th (2+7=9) of December, 1962; The Beatles first tour topping the bill began on the 18th (1+8=9) of May, 1963; their first U.S television appearance was on February 9th, 1964; Lennon's first book was published on the 27th (2+7=9) of April, 1964; Lennon met Yoko Ono for the first time on November the 9th, 1966; on the 27th (2+7=9) of January 1967, the Beatles renewed their!

EMI contract for a further nine years; Brian Epstein was found dead on the 27th (2+7=9) of August, 1967; Apple Publishing was formed on the 27th (2+7=9) of September, 1967; John's only solo film appearance in How I Won The War premiered on the 18th (1+8=9) of October 1967; the arrest for cannabis which prompted Lennon's American immigration dilemmas occurred on October the 18th (1+8=9), 1968; Lennon was assassinated approximately nine years after he left England for the last time, moving to New York where he lived in apartment number 72 of The Dakota building (7+2=9) on 72nd (7+2=9) street; his second son Sean was born on the 9th of October, 1975; The Beatles legal partnership was officially dissolved on January the 9th, 1976; Lennon was pronounced dead in 1980 (1+9+8+0=9) at 11:07pm (1+1+7=9), in the early hours of the 9th day in his birthplace, Liverpool England.

September 09, 2009 also marks the 38-year anniversary of the release of Lennon's signature solo album "Imagine."

For more insights into the significance of todays date 9/9/09, I recommend looking at the work of Goro Adachai found here:

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Shane Acker's "9"

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ZHP said...

Niezgoda may think Paul is not dead but the August 2009 Italian version of Wired says different!
On 9:
In the book Alien Rock, by Michael C. Luckman, Sammy Hagar named his publishing company, Nine Music, after aliens from the ninth dimension who contacted him when he was nineteen. “ I have reviewed information that has been valuable in my life from those people, and they have used me in an experimental fashion… they were just energy” he said.

In Numbers as Symbols of Self Discovery, Richard Blackmore Vaughan says “ Nines can sometimes be very destructive to other numbers as they rise up to wipe out what they sense threatens something they are trying to put over…Nine is indeed a dangerous vibration that consciousness has reached a point at which it is felt there is a natural right to take over…”
Vaughan later says of nine in relation to fate “ The fanaticism of nine runs deep as they seem to gather all the primal instincts of mob psychology into their control… Such ground swells are like wars, pestilence and famine which suddenly flare up and consume whole bodies of people for apparently no justifiable reason at all. Perhaps what is reflected here… is the dissolving of life preparatory to creating a new formation
…Nine has much to do with the ‘sweep of history’ and the ‘tide of human events’ in its widest perspective.”