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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The 9th Gate

Imprisoned Manson Family member Susan Atkins passes away in jail. She was serving multiple life sentences for the murder of Sharon Tate; Actress/Model and wife of Roman Polanski in 1969.

Legendary Filmmaker Roman Polanski detained in Switzerland for sex crime dating back to 1977.

Childhood classmate of Julian Lennon who inspired "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" dies.

India finds water on the MOON...however the NASA mission to bomb the Moon slated for Oct. 9th to do just that remains a there a deeper reason for NASA's assault?

Upon the announcement by India the target crater Cabeus A was changed to the larger Cabeus crater. The original destination location for the LCROSS mission had previously been announced on September 11th, 2009.

Researcher Goro Adachi updates with his own take on things; dated SEPT. 23 check it out!!!


"C" said...

Hmmm, never seen the 9th gate but kinda interesting three finger marks with the JayZ thing and a few other things I and others have gotten into recently.

Dennis Igou said...

You know? I think your blog is among the very best of syncro mystic content. That movie with captain Depp is one of my favorites. I have seen it at least 9 times. What is the pull? Maybe to have coitus with the devil herself. Sublime is the plot. Keep up your interesting synch treasures. Dennis

FilmNoir23 said...

Dennis- Thanks so much for your kind words.

The implications of the book The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows is what should be kept in mind as we move through what should be a very interesting October.

Christopher Knowles said...

I have to say we won't be the lesser without a Susan Atkins around. That woman had ice in her heart.

Look for the Nines!