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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Did somebody call a Dr.?

The Dr. has been getting a ton of play of late...and, well just because this f**king kicks
All work and no play makes "Jack" a dull boy


Bev said...

Thanks for this! The DR. is obviously a very busy person!
Part 1 of our 3 stage development is completed over the pond in Leeds UK. Part 1 is Locally known as "the dalek"

The "kissing towers" are soon to follow....

All the best

FilmNoir23 said...

WTF? You gotta be kidding me. Man, I grew up watching Dr. Who here in the states on Public Television but I had NO idea who guys took him very seriously.

I can't wait to see what the deal is with all this?

Glad you liked the Old Timelords video, I always loved KLF. Guess, I still do.

martin said...

Haha, this brings back memories.
Thanks for posting this video.

I remember when KLF replaced the delapidated Ford Timelord with two Saracen armoured vehicles and installed mega kilowatts of power to run sound equipment. One played high frequencies and the other handled the bass notes if I recall correctly.
I once attended a show at Earls Court in London where one of the Saracens was on display. Every so often it fired up and emitted an awesomely loud high frequency tone. It brought the security geezers running to shut it down and issuing warnings not to do it again(but they did, bless 'em).

aferrismoon said...

the Doctor first aired on Nov23, 1963. Any prog that starts between the twin deaths of Kennedy and Ozwald and deals with Time Travel has to be worth a watch.
The tune too, by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop [ Delia Derbyshire - she has since died but her electronic music can be found easily now] is not made by synth but by cutting up tape and sticking it back together.

Doctor Who is an anangram of its offshoot prog Torchwood. They used this word on the master tape of the new Dr. Who series so that no one would get wind of the series return.
I am surprised it made it to the US, as the US has a pretty big kids TV industry.
The Daleks for many people wholly outdo any other alien despite their rather cumbersome appearence. The last episode of this series sees the British PM[ the Master, evil timelord, in disguise] killing the USPresident.
Why do people take the Doctor 'seriously' - the stories were well written, and they had great actor, Everyone knew it was tongue-in-cheek. The Doctor, in fact most people/aliens, were polite and addressed each other respectfully. The sound effects were and still are incredible. Listen to them now, remember they were done by hand. the plots had a relevance, we were engrossed, behind the now famous sofas.
Tata for now

BTB said...

I love this video... Will write a couple of paragraphs on it, as soon as I get the chance. Did you notice the landscape features?



FilmNoir23 said...

Oh you know I did Ben!

Glad this little blast from the past brought everyone happiness.

Lightboy3 said...

Odd that the car features a really obvious pyramid design on the door. And why the need to make an obelisk such a feature?

In my view, obelisks act as an aerial to transmit our energy to the dark ones. Simple.

FilmNoir23 said...


who are the "dark ones" you are referring to?

Lightboy3 said...

Hi Filmnoir23

I was referring to reptilions. To me, darkness is darkness and form matters not. However, in this instance I specifically meant reptilions.

It is well documented that the illuminati have for a long time kept secret the keys to sacred geometry. As you will no doubt already know, geometric shapes have an inherent intelligence to them. For instance the triangle can amplify, so when you have 4 of them together in a ben-ben stone (or pyramid) shape, it will increase the ability to transmit energy (in this case negative emotional energy).

All the Best