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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Foxes, Fires and The Art of War: or "Are foxes guarding the hen house?"

Continuing with my recent "fox" investigations, this time we turn a fruitful eye on some famous foxes in history to cast a light upon more possible deceptions unleashed on the world.

Take for instance the Third Reich's brilliant and cunning Field Marshall "The Desert Fox" Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel. The details of his battlefield exploits are well documented but for our purposes we choose to focus on his final days. On July 17th, 1944 Rommel's staff car was struck from above by a Royal Canadian Air Force "Spitfire" piloted by one Charley Fox (what are the odds right?). He suffered serious "head" injuries...three days later, an unsuccessful attempt on Hitler's life would lead to The Desert Fox being implicated (this remains unsubstantiated to this day, and a great mystery) in the plot. Instead of facing trial, Rommel was given the high privilege of a self-induced cyanide death, which he smartly opted for. The circumstances were covered-up, official reports gave the cause of death as a heart attack, and upon his death Hitler ordered a day of mourning in his honor, and full military burial. A "good" knight will, after all, ALWAYS fall upon his sword. [This is one of the most overlooked historical facts that exists, and is seldom the U.S.A. we have had one (and by good DO NOT confuse that with the Templar/Masonic concept of good)after the other falling for the past year]

Both sides (of the same coin?) would get in on the fox motif during those years. In 1943, the Dutch socialist party under the influence of Adolph Hitler would create an animated film based on the Reynard the Fox fable. This film was never seen by the public and was considered lost until 1991. Drawing on his love of Disney films, Hitler had the Nederland Film company produce "Van den vos Reynaerde" . This overtly anti-Semitic cartoon cleverly reverses the roles from the original text, thus placing Reynard in a sympathetic light.

"Even on his way home, Reynard succeeded in catching a fat hen. 'And it will always be that way.'" The final sentence of the Dutch novel, Van den vos Reynaerde, is just as innocent as the face of Reynard the Fox. This time, however, it is not Reynard who is the villain. Yes, he does steal a few chickens, but that's the way he is. Much worse is Jodocus, the rhinoceros, a cunning, money-grubbing animal who came from far away to settle in the land of the late King Nobel. His family has secretly followed him from the East and together they seize power, taking control of the money market and poisoning the people with strange new ideas. With their entrance, the decline of the empire begins.

In 1962, the best documentary Oscar was awarded to "Black Fox: The True Story of Hitler" an oddly orchestrated history lesson crossed with anthropomorphic parable. The story of Reynard again, only this time transposed onto the rise and fall of Hitler, all narrated by Marlene Dietrich. In typical foxesque contradiction the Third Reich used the fox in it's own anti-Semitic campaign aimed towards the youth drawing upon the fables they were already familiar with. And thus the historical "shell-game" continues...

It was also during WWII that the defensive fighting position known as a "foxhole" came into usage by the U.S. Military. It would seem that the fox is greatly admired by those who engage in war. So much so, that in 1948 an infantry division of the Israel Defense Forces adopted the moniker of "Samson's Foxes" during the Arab-Israeli War. This elite group exists to this day, and were involved in a number of high profile operations in and around Gaza in 2004.

More recently we had the pleasure of one Vicente Fox former President of Mexico (2000-2006), this former Coca-Cola executive and pyramid pal of President Bush (Burning Bush) helped pave the way for the impending North American Union...this particular deception is one that is sure to have ramifications the world has not seen in several hundred years. In an odd side note Fox's political party, The National Action Party reverses their title to employ the magickal PAN party.

George Bush, Vicente Fox and Stephen Harper the North American Union sealed in 2006 at the newly ordained 1 of 7 Wonders of the World Chichen Itza Pyramid

Now, we turn the Looking Glass (with the aid of wikipedia) back on 20th Century Fox (QUESTION: Will they ever join us in the 21st Century or do they know something we don't?) and perhaps one of the most beloved conspiracy covers of all time. The X-Files, and Agent Fox Mulder. In keeping with his fox persona, Agent Mulder is a pyrophobe, which we learn in an episode entitled "Fire". It has also been suggested that Fox's overall character can be closely identified with the central characters from the stories of H.P. Lovecraft [***We will be turning our attentions to Mr. Lovecraft VERY good time aferrismoon, in good time]. I would, however, suggest that without the skeptic Dana Skully at his side this insight falls a bit short short, as ole' H.P. was personally far more interested in Science that he was the supernatural. It is the combination of the two (Skull and Bones) that cross the X-Files into the world of Lovecraft. In one of this stories more interesting synchromystic discoveries related to the 1998 X-Files feature film we come across this behind the scenes nugget:

"During the making of the film, the filmmakers went to great lengths to preserve secrecy, including printing the script on red paper to prevent photocopying, and leaking disinformation to the media.[6] To help preserve secrecy, the film's working title was "Blackwood", named after Algernon Blackwood, a British writer of ghost stories"

In the opening to Lovecraft's Call of Cthulhu we are greeted with this preface. What a pair of visionaries...:

(Found Among the Papers of the Late Francis Wayland Thurston, of Boston)
"Of such great powers or beings there may be conceivably a survival...a survival of a hugely remote period when...consciousness was manifested, perhaps, in shapes and forms long since withdrawn before the tide of advancing humanity...forms of which poetry and legend alone have caught flying memory and called them gods, monsters, mythical beings of all sorts and kinds..."

- Algernon Blackwood

One can see in this example the depth with which the operators are working. Are magicians not required to decipher these cryptic attempts at folly? The levels and layers of deception to which they are capable of invoking is staggering when you throw back the curtain, even just a little, and take a look at what is going on. Sadly, most of this is lost on the majority of the population, and who can blame them much work, hustle, complications of life...who could possibly wonder much less care. The challenge falls upon us dear readers...

And yet, I digress...our journey is far from over. Now honestly, I could spend the better part of 10 years breaking down the X-Files' role in all this but let's just consider a few more small details, most of which we uncover directly from the 1998 feature "Fight the Future" (interestingly they chose to fight THE future, and not fight FOR the future? Again, what's up with Fox and the future?). Within the context of the film itself we come full "circle" to the Ceres Death Ritual (and by circle, I do mean crops), and find Fox/Skully running through a genetically created corn field in the middle of TEXAS, chased by black helicopters with searchlights (fire, rays, light...however you wish to see it) aimed upon them...after an eventual escape they make their way into a massive white dome-sphere [BY ALL MEANS REFER TO THE CURRENT EXCELLENT WORK OF BEN FAIRHALL FOR YOUR CONNECTIONS HERE] in which our Skull(y) and Bones Duo stumble into a global elite, virus carrying hive of this point I suggest anyone who has not seen this film to watch it immediately!

Jumping back in time (as I am want to do...where's my Tardis?), at the beginning of this Epic gem of propaganda, we are watching a bizarre reenactment of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing event played out in "fiction" (or are we? the deceptions and decoys run deep don't forget). Only this time in Dallas...(spend a week or two with Kentroversy on the implications of this location choice), and with a REAL life demolition.

Which movie are you watching?

"The building in which the bomb detonates in the beginning of the movie was in fact demolished in the city of Dallas as part of the shooting of the movie. The building was already slated to be demolished before production began and the producers were able to use its real-life demolition as part of the plot."

Why is this important? As we know from director Chris Carter's (Templar through and through...this guy was born on Friday 13th, October 1961) X-Files spin-off "The Lone Gunmen" (yet another direct reference to Dallas & JFK) he can work in quite prophetic ways...My speculation is...was this film a test in predictive programming? a dry run for 911 and what was planned for after? based upon an unsuspecting publics reaction to the Government being involved with the destruction of our own in case they were caught? The storyline of the X-Files movie plays this scenario through...since our world in the X-Files ONLY exists in the context of FBI insiders (rarely is a commoner ever given an opinion). Think on this please...

Finally we arrive at yet another one of wikipedia's most wonderful "trivia" (reduction of fact to trivia, how cleverly foxy) entries dealing with the X-Files movie.

"In one scene, Mulder leaves a bar and urinates on a wall that displays a poster for the 1996 20th Century Fox co-produced sci-fi blockbuster Independence Day, which referenced The X-Files television series two years before this film was released. Chris Carter was allegedly not a fan of Independence Day."

One of the stars of "Independence Day" was Vivica Fox, you know, she played the all too realistic stripper mom which infuriated the religious right (although they seemed to revel at the White House being blown to kingdom come...those were the Clinton years after all) for an accurate portrayal of modern American life. And so, we're left with Foxes fighting Foxes for the ultimate game of who owns the keys to the hen house, and whose version of reality (or of things to come) reigns supreme in the eyes of the us, the great unwashed masses. We are at war.

Next time more "Foxes, Fires and Rhymes of the Ancient Mariner"


Jake Kotze said...

Foxy and Mouldy running through the corn with bees chasing them (later we see some Greys) if I remember correctly.. Wow.. Thats a good lead. Peace. Thanks. Oh the Atlantis Crop Circle sync pretty way out 2!

Joshua said... a fox.

FilmNoir23 said...

yes Jake, that's how the story goes. It's worth a rewatch, I did just a week ago myself.

Glad you liked my Atlantis "find" I think we'll be seeing more of it VERY shortly, don't you?

Joshua, thanks...keep checking in

aferrismoon said...

I can't get that Daily Mail article, not sure why, lack of compu-savvy on my part, { note lack of anything else but easy-type articles at my blog, will spend some time trying to bring it into Century21], anyhow can u give me a little more info on it.
The Fox , well hell, its , its , its ....... fox and/Or
In the Czech language, Duch means 'ghost', Mr DooChovknee may have some Czech forebears and maybe he knew to call himself Spooky. I, ve never read Lovecraft , no reason, reading something else, but I got a 'yellow' book by Colin Wilson called 'The Mind Parasites'
It's great neural-punching fun to be part of this ne[a]twork.
Do Foxes skulk?

aferrismoon said...

Daily Mail
Is it the advert for The World at War video, the advert says in big type :
Monty snares the Desert Fox, its on p.25 of the Mail, July 11. Oh and I see the ad is on the front page too. If this is what you meant my Dad has come over to visit and brought the paper. I would never spend money on the Daily Small-minded fear factory + sport.
The words desert Fox have been printed above a picture of Madeleine McCann who comes from Leicester whose football team = the Foxes [ or the Filberts].

JEB said...

hey, good stuff here. thanks. It's been awhile, but I seem to remember an X-Files episode called "Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'"...droll little episode, and at the end of it, a writer character played by the recently departed Charles Nelson Riley (sp?), who is doing a book about Skully and Mulder, gives Fox Mulder the fictional name "Reynard...something or other"...can't remember the fictionalized last name. Like I said, it's been awhile. thanks again!

FilmNoir23 said...

Jeb, that is one of the best X-Files episodes ever. I am a big CNR lover (RIP). Yeah, he did call him Reynard now that you mention it. Thanks for posting!

Kentroversy said...

Greetings, Todd:

Regarding your comment where you posit whether or not THE X-FILES represents 'predictive programming,' I think you might be interested to know that in a December 15, 2005 appearance on the Alex Jones Show, X-FILES and LONE GUNMEN star Dean Haglund (Ringo Langley) mentioned that there are these CIA agents that attend Hollywood Producer parties on a regular basis.

What they do, according to Haglund, is FEED these Producers HOT storylines, as well as observing what the shows are going to feature. Haglund said that BEFORE IT AIRED, Chris Carter was told by one of these CIA operatives that his 'little X-Files idea' was going to make him very wealthy, which it did.

I just thought that this was a fascinating confirmation of something about which I had heard many rumors over the years!

10/13 indeed!

Warmest Regards,

Buffalo, NY USA

P.S. -- Personally, I am fighting FOR the future, and NOT fighting THE FUTURE itself! Could this be a deliberate play on words?

Most likely, YES!

Kentroversy said...

Greetings, Todd:

Did you know that by using plain-vanilla style numerology -- that FOX = 666?

Check it out ...

F = 6th letter of alphabet = 6+0=6

O = 15th letter of alphabet = 1+5=6

X = 24th letter of alphabet = 2+4=6


= 666

I thought this to be intriguing and compelling at the same time!

Any thoughts?

Warmest Regards,

Buffalo, NY USA