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Friday, July 13, 2007

A distant Fox

It seems our little friend the "Fox" has turned up in of all places, outer space.

In the distant constellation of Vulpecula, the Fox consisting of the bright stars Deneb, Vega and Altair.

Notice the "M" ? Oddly referred to in articles as an upside down W...


Newspaceman said...

Foxes Glacier Mints - the symbol of the fox on the iceberg - global warming.

Royal Doulton released a series of ceramic "advertising icon" wares quite recently, maybe two years ago. This was one of them, I forget the others but can check if anyone is interested.


aferrismoon said...

Oh yes, Foxes Glacier mints, I nearly choked on 1 once. The advert on TV with the very relaxed polar bear and hallucinatingly blue Arctic fox.
If i remember correctly wasn't the Polar bear standing on the iceberg-sweet, yet perversely the company called the name Foxes.
Hi Tod, great to be faced with the Foxy constellation,
So the Fox = a dubya which , despite the dumbed-down pronunciation, = double - U. George.W and his hidden self.
Its the 23rd letter - Fox 23.
Got the Thor link. On his own web-page he tells readers that his name is pronounced TOUR. Tower is related to the word TOWER which sets up - TOWER-TOURS-THOR-HAMMER which , to me, provides a stronger link to Jake's cartoon striplet of Thor and Hammer and the spiralling , snaking energy around the Twins. Also the Tour de France snakes around, and lately BTB found an ancient snake monument in Hereford, England.
Mixing in the Ginger factor. First I read the story about the ginger family 'moved on' and then read the Harry article, so got it all eventually.
Secondly for some reason writing this Ginger Baker , the drummer? with Hawkwind, popped into my mind. Driving psychedelic sonic space rock would describe them a little. They always used to play at Stonehenge.
The Fox in the constellation has caught a goose? The Goose , I think and I'm gna check, might b related to Ra.
catch yah later

aferrismoon said...

Glancing at the 20th Century Fox logo it looked like a Swan. So i search-engined SWAN FOX and see the whole fairy story thing has continued surfacing with this turn an ugly duckling into a Swan reality TV show.
Gordon Brown has said that the most important ingredient for government is that it have a 'soul'. He also said that he would ask the country first if it happens to go to war .
While I feel somewhat cynical of political pronouncements I have at present some faith in the thoughtful, less shrill, less populist Gordon Brown.
The temperatures here have reached nearly 40 degrees