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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Give 'em Hell Alan

I'm a big Alan Watt listener...I never miss a blurb. He's really the one that convinced me to start this current journey.

His latest, dated July 11, 2007 and entitled "Superheroes to Supermen to Supersimpletons - Agenda for the Young" is some of his best speaking ever.

Get on over there!


Joshua said...

I too do not miss a blurb/appearence of Alan's,and yes this talk on July 11th was one of the best.His info has helped and inspired me to get in the game as well.The hour is late.

martin said...

I first heard Alan on the Sweet Liberty broadcast and have been hooked ever since. He definitely sorted my head out. I even bought his book "From Queer to Maternity".

Crackpot! said...

I'm a couple of days behind on blurbs :(

I enjoy Alan's relaxed, soft-spoken perspective.

"the big boys" :)

David said...

As ever, interesting material from Alan. BTW, love the header.

FilmNoir23 said...

Thanks David! I appreciate you checking in. All credit for the new header should go to Kent at Kentroversy.

BTB said...

Stirring stuff...

Just listened to my first blurb on your recommendation. Definitely going to be checking in on a regular basis from this point forwards.

It's time get to works, gents: the Hour is indeed late.