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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Girl(s) Can't Help It!

Two of our favorite Scarlet Ladies are back in the news...

Lindsay "Rose" (Firecrotch) Lohan & Britney Spears might want to get a room...on the heels of Lohan's highly interesting new film's release this Friday [see Miss Hoi Polloi's blog entry "Bloodline Much...?" for some info], she gets busted for drinking and driving again (and possible cocaine possession), and Brit melts down during a day long interview into what has been described as a scene which to me sounds hauntingly similar to Anna Nicole's clown-faced mind-control video. Full details on Britney to be released Friday. Will Madge strip Lindsay of her Kabbalistic moniker now too? For the latest on these two here are some articles that tell the tale far better than I can. I also recommend Freeman Fly & Ben Fairhall's work on this topic...can't wait to see what they uncover with these new stories surfacing this week. Just when you thought it was safe :

The circle continues...

Abbey Lincoln & Jayne Mansfield from "The Girl Can't Help It"


aferrismoon said...

Abbey Lincoln's V to the muddafukkin' A : her arms move out to a V and through a horizontal and into an A.
This is accentuated as her breasts-waist-hips create v-shapes pushing inwards
A Maltese cross.
Black-Red , White-Red

aferrismoon said...

Also the Girls can't HELL PIT resonates with the starlettes of your previous artycull

aferrismoon said...

Watched the Alan Watt videos through realm of connexions. in the first episode there's a photo or illustration of a fox leapfrogging over a sheep