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Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Starman: or the strange case of Steve Fossett Part II

Day 12

Several interesting quotes have stuck with me since I began my investigation of the "disappearance" of aviator/adventurer Steve Fossett. The first is related to Barron Hilton's Flying "M" Ranch in Minden, Nevada from a
New York Times article from September 7th.

"Past guests include aviation heroes like Buzz Aldrin and Chuck Yeager, and actors like Morgan Freeman and Cliff Robertson, whose poem posted on a wall in the main dining room calls the ranch “a place of magic.”"

"Magick" man Sir Richard Branson shows his skills to a seemingly unimpressed Al Gore

The New York Times article holds special interest and will likely be referenced again as it connects the Flying "M" Ranch to singer John Denver (who died flying an experimental aircraft). Not to mention a quote which calls it "Disneyland" and futher that there is "no place like it on earth". Playground for the social elite or is there more going on at The Flying "M" Ranch than anyone associated with it would like to be known? Curiouser, and curiouser...

In a widely publicized comment from benefactor and friend Sir Richard Branson back in February of 2006, after flying further than any person ever, Branson was quoted as saying of Fossett

"He's only half human, that's all I can say!"

In part one I introduced several key players in this story, however, another name albeit less glamorous than Hilton and Branson should be included, that of Burt Rutan. Mr. Rutan was the winner of the 2004 Ansari X Prize. The 10 million dollar prize was awarded to Rutan's privately (and co-funded by Microsoft) built SpaceShipOne. Richard Branson quickly seized upon Mr. Rutan and developed a partnership with him that has lead to the creation of SpacePort America (see Part I).

The original release date for the design plans of SpacePort America was scheduled for July 27th, 2007 but one day before an explosion at Rutan's "top-secret" test site in the Mojave Desert in which three engineers were killed set the project back several months. It would seem tragedy surrounds this commercial space venture or sacrifices are required in order to move it forward.

In 2006, Paris Hilton (granddaughter of Barron) booked her own spaceflight ticket with Virgin Galactic...

Writer David Southwell immediately contacted me with an odd twist to this already odd story. Fans of Dr. Who will surely resonate with the name Rutan...or perhaps your memory needs a little refresher. The "Rutans" (or Rutan Host) are an alien race in the "Who" universe. Here is a brief description from the hive mind wikipedia:

In their natural forms, Rutans resemble large green jellyfish, glowing blobs of biomatter with long ropy tentacles. They are amphibious and can cling to sheer vertical surfaces, with considerable mobility out of the water despite their shape. Rutans can also generate lethal biolelectrical shocks, and seem to be able to absorb electrical energy directly for sustenance. They reproduce by a process similar to binary fission, with each daughter Rutan carrying the memories of the parent. Rutans can speak, although the exact mechanism by which this works is unknown as they seem to lack mouths. The Rutan observed in Horror of Fang Rock spoke with a harsh, tinny male voice.

The title "Rutan Host" implies a gestalt or group intelligence of some kind, and indeed Rutans never refer to themselves as individuals, preferring the first person plurals "we", "us" and "our(s)". Rutans are able to operate independently (and like the Sontarans, often dispatch scout units consisting of a single soldier), but they do not see individuals as important and all individual desires are subsumed by the general desire to win the war with the Sontaran Empire.

Rutans have also developed advanced shape-shifting technology, allowing them to appear in any form they wish. They often use this technology to adapt to alien environments and infiltrate alien cultures; Rutans are consummate spies. A Rutan usually kills specific individuals and then impersonates them, though it is unclear whether this tactic is merely to prevent discovery or because they need to make a detailed examination of the body before adopting its shape.

Within hours of the news of Fossett's disapperance, Sir Richard contacted Google who in turn launced it's own search party by recruiting "average Joe's" into the quest for finding Fossett, asking computer users of Google Earth to scour satellite images for possible signs of his believed downed plane. Within days, on September 13th, Google then announced that they would be sponsoring the newest X Prize, entitled Moon 2.0...only three years after Rutan took home the award, and started the race (envisioned by Hilton, Arthur C. Clarke, and Sir Richard Branson) for the commercialization of space. A move that many have already speculated will serve as proof that we even went to the moon in the first place, as one of the tasks included in the 30 million dollar prize is broadcast video or photographs of the lunar surface.

A mere 70 miles away from The Flying "M" Ranch, The Nevada Air Races are being held this week in Reno... as of yesterday (Friday the 14th) three fatal crashes had taken place. One included the death of five-time defending champion Gary Hubler.

It is important to note that in my last post, I suggested that the Flying "M" Ranch is an approximate distance from Area 51 in Nevada which could be seen as relative to the distance from SpacePort Amercia to Roswell in New Mexico...keeping in mind that most information in 2007 suggests that operations at Area 51 have either been scaled back or terminated completely. (see the comments section for Part I).


This investigation is ongoing, runs VERY deep (in my mind), and is developing quickly. I will do my best to update as time permits me to. Please be patient with me, and as always, your comments, suggestions and insights are crucial!


Anonymous said...

Peace Todd,

Great coverage.

When I heard that Google was sponsoring the Moon project I was tickled. Could the Whiz Kids be trying to chip away the shell of Moon Landing Myths?

Supposing Fossett has been spirited away a la 'Close Encounters'. The Moon connection now resonates deep and clear - as 'Close Encounters' is a blatant fairy-tale remake of '2001' with Devils Tower standing in for the Monolith.

I am interested in the idea that ALL of the Moon travel lore is actually a program designed to realise the still impossible feat of breaking out of the Van Allen belts.

Tsarion has suggested that the Moon is the 'Key' that keeps the Black Brotherhood trapped on Earth.

Consider, as described in Revalation, that the Moon will crack. Water will become blood. If the Moon is in reality a LENS that projects the matrix, a crack in this lens could cause a color shift.

Now, maybe the search for Fossett by the amatuer talent pool is an attempt to test the efficacy of this lens on a massive scale.

Tick Tock.

Your Pal,

Da WWWiz

Newspaceman said...

Todd, hiya, it appears that Richard Branson is in the process of setting up another fund for the parents of Madeleine McCann.

This one to provide payment for their legal fees.


FilmNoir23 said...

Interesting ideas Mr. Wizard...I will keep those in mind as we move forward.

yup, saw that story and have had five or six people alert me. All I can say, is Branson has been mighty busy given his buddy is "missing"

hoi polloi said...

Al Gore is the worlds first visible android!

chasethedevil said...

There is a lot going on under the shade of the trees on the ranch, which might I add provide excellent canopies for the very large meadows beneath them.

The attitude on the ranch is unwelcoming and interrogational, even after being invited.

Human life seemed much less important than a an all night's rest.

Sympathy for accidental serious injuries was nonexistant and said to be burdensome. All that was asked of them was a simple phone call for an ambulance. Scared and bleeding with a head injury, over an hour passes before a call for help...

...And so I ask you why was regard for human life on the end of the list during a search to find someone alive?

Fossett's team embracing voluteers to search on ground-Hilton's team doing a good job to turn them away.

Was it anger and fear I saw in their eyes or something else?

For one who lost a lot last week in an an effort to find a so called friend of the Ranch it makes me wonder where their faith is at....

A very odd behavior and very unwelcome place.

A very different view looking up than looking down.

Fossett was my employer.
What a terrible tragedy.

What an uneasy feeling this place gave me, and more so now with all new accidents found that have happened there over the last few years.

This is my experience and feelings so take it how you want it, I just felt I had to get it off my chest and my compassion for human life told me others should know.

Sorry to be so vague but I'm sure I've said too much.....then again they don't want you there anyway.

FilmNoir23 said...


Your story is certainly sad, and yet extremely intriguing to myself, and my readers.

I certainly understand your need to remain somewhat vague, however, if you ever wish to speak more on the subject privately PLEASE contact me. There should be a link to my email address under my profile.

Thank you for reading, and leaving this response.