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Friday, September 28, 2007

The Strange case of Steve Fossett Part IV: The Broken Spear Event

The strange case of Steve Fossett took an odd turn for me on Thursday night, when I was doing some research on the Tonapah test site in Neveda (possible "Project 52" relocation site for Area 51), I came across some startling claims surrounding the recent Air Force nuke "screw-up"...

The claim is this...6 "decommissioned" missiles loaded (by mistake) with nuclear warheads were illegally flown by B52 from Minot AFB in North Dakota to Barksdale AFB in Louisiana on August 30th 2007. Initial reports suggested that 5 missiles arrived...was this a reporting error or is one actually missing? Four days later Steve Fossett takes a routine flight, and goes missing...the question being raised is, who (or what) has the government been looking for in the Nevada desert for 3 weeks? Is this a search for a missing man who may not be missing at all or a National security event of massive proportion, which the Military would rather we not know about?

Much of the story online seems to have focused on the "mysterious" deaths of 6 Airmen who died within one week of this event...this is just untrue. Firstly, only 5 (which oddly coincides with the missile descrepency) names surface in these claims. Secondly two of the deaths took place back in July, one took place the day of the event (in Washington Sate) and the airman in question appears to have no connection to either facility. However, two airmen, one from each of the bases did pass away. A Todd Blue on September 10th, and Clint Huff on September 15th.

I have posted a number of articles which I recommend reading. Regardless of any actual implication in the Fossett case, something rather strange and alarming was taking place that week. It is important to note that these events also coincide with the Pravda story that the meteorite that crashed in Peru was actually a satellite, as well as an Israeli air-strike launched against Syria.

B-52 Nukes Headed for Iran, Not For Decommissioning: Airforce Refused

Blogger Chuck Simpson has a detailed account of the after-story at his blog The Geronimo Manifesto

The Strange Death of Todd Blue
Minot airman dies while on leave

This past weekend was the last "push" to locate Steve Fossett...before the weekend, reports were focused on Air Force satellite and radar tracking details which mysteriously surfaced almost three weeks after the event. After initial details surfaced little more was said, this particular search seems to have been reserved for military only, and was targeted in an area around Death Valley, CA. As of today (Monday, Oct. 1st) no official statements have been released as to the weekend efforts...

Just something to think so many other things, we may never know. Either way it is my opinion that Mr. Fossett took one for the team, for what purpose? That's the real kicker...

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David said...

Todd, I would just like to publicly thank you for your support over the last couple of days. Parapolitical research is never a clover field, but the continuing unpleasantness I am facing is eased by the knowledge we are tribe rather than lone gunmen. We might be little more than ghost whispers of the coming intifada, but we cannot - and I shall not - shut up. Johnny is giving the bird and the bird is swan.