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Monday, September 24, 2007

The Starman: or the strange case of Steve Fossett Part III

Day 21 from: Somewhere over the Rainbow

The window for finding aviator Steve Fossett has more or less closed. Most or not all of the search has been called off. For my readers none of this should come as a surprise or that this would be the end of this story.

I've attempted to show a fascination with OZ that this group of "pilots" (or perhaps OZ-tra-nauts) seem to share. Much has been made in the print media that Barron Hilton kept the name Flying "M" Ranch even after it's purchase from Stanfield Murphy back in the mid-1960's. Hilton has claimed to have kept the name because his wife's name was Marilyn (she passed away in 2004)...or perhaps the implication of the name has a deeper significance. Do we not recall the Flying Monkeys of Oz...or Flying "M"'s?

The winged monkeys of OZ. Often represented wearing a FEZ cap...the hat was the key to the flying monkeys special abilities

In other magickal connections Steve Fossett learned to fly balloons from a man named Merlin Sagon back in the early 90's. Merlin's company Camelot Balloons is still in business today, and flies tours in the Vail/Beaver Creek, Colorado area (Fossett's home) .

Some interesting developments came to my attention this weekend...which requires us to journey deeper into the Nevada desert. The day of Steve Fossett's final voyage, September 3rd (see also Hurricane Felix) just happens to coincide with the final day of the techno-pagan freak-fest known as The Burning Man Festival. The 8 day festival takes place 90 miles N/NE of Reno, Nevada in the "Black Rock" Desert area (this particular reference won't be "lost" on some of you). This location places the event roughly 150 miles N/NE of Fossett's departure point from the Flying "M" Ranch.

"Hilton owns 20,000 acres of the ranch and leases an additional 980,000 acres from the federal government, making the ranch about the size of Rhode Island. The property extends from a point 25 miles south of Yerington to Mono Lake in the south. The Masonic Range is its western edge and the Wassuk Mountains are its eastern border."

"The Green Man" after it's rebuild, complete with Phoenix (photo by Shell Arkell)

This year's Burning Man festival's theme was "The Green Man" , and was racked with a couple of odd occurrences. On Tuesday, September 28th the burning man effigy was sabotaged, when Paul Addis lit the "wicker man" on fire at 2:58 am. The premature lighting of the Burning Man coincided with the full lunar eclipse (also noted in "the strange case of Steve Fossett Part II"). Mr. Addis was arrested and charged with arson...It would appear that Paul Addis has issue with the event, and perhaps some of the organizers whom he refers to as the "Black Rock Intelligence".

Paul also has taken this as a self proclaimed opportunity to buy himself 15 minutes of fame to be able to speak out publicly against the War in Iraq. You may see a short confessional by Paul Addis here:

Two days later on September 30th, a Colorado man was found dead, hanging inside a two-story tent. The suicide was the first in the festival's 21 year history. It was stated that there was NO apparent reason for the suicide, and that the man "Chose to leave the planet on his own"? Interesting phrasing to say the least...

Another point of interest in this case is Pyramid Lake, Nevada which lies just 40 miles NE of Reno, and therefore roughly 100 miles NE of the Flying "M". A "youtuber" using the name "canwhitewolf" has posted a VAGUE three video series that speculates Fossett to have been headed in the direction of Pyramid Lake...the first video suggests that coordinates gleaned using a parapsychological reading done on Sept. 12th place Fossett in this area. The video references Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. website. From information that "canwhitewolf" provided me with about the plane, and fuel consumption, Steve Fossett could have easily reached any of the locations I have suggested.

***The above stated information from canwhitewolf has been removed at his request on 7/18/08***

Pyramid Lake, Nevada


Vapo said...

Your Steve Fossett posts have been simmering around in my soft drive(Gray matter)and then something strange clicked.. more than irrelevant perhaps but somewhat interesting.. On 2-3 July 1937 Amelia Earhart disappeared( we know what..well since September 3, 2007 Steve Fossett has not been heard from.. just wondering about the numbers..


FilmNoir23 said...

Not sure about the numbers (other than 70 years apart), not really my area. Earhart is certainly simmering (among a few other things) on my back-burner. Glad that this has you as intrigued as it does me...

soundlessdawn said...

Interesting addition to the Steve Fossett case.. In particular for me, Pyramid Lake, Nevada.. as I firmly believe these types of naturally occurring pyramid structures are living funnels for 'unseen' earth grid vortices
(energy) very much like the Bermuda Triangle.

Ivan Sanderson calculated that there are twelve locations on the globe, and they’re all equally distant from each other. This forms the nodes of a geometry called an icosahedron. So, in effect we’re dealing with a global grid, where the nodes on this geometric grid are where the real 'gate' phenomenon are happening – where these Bermuda Triangle effects occur. The whole grid will reorient itself and become five times more advanced during the 2012
proceedings.. and will very much alter the disposition and geography of the planet.

FilmNoir23 said...

It is certainly a place to keep an eye on. I was not aware of it before now.

That entire area of Nevada has been considered a "Bermuda Triangle" of it's own...that I do know.

I tend to start having trouble when scientists don't agree on things, and yet we place so much of our own belief system on them. They don't know night from day amongst themselves most of the time...I guess that is why I don't quote scientific theory very often.

Newspaceman said...

Todd, morning, I dont know if this is of any relevance, but the national lottery in the UK is run by company called Camelot.

The connection being that when the lottery was first launched in the UK, the "contract" was put out for tender and Richard Branson submitted his proposals but was runner up I think.

If my memory serves me correctly, he was not too happy about it all and I think when it came up for re-tender in 2000, he again submitted proposals and lost.


aferrismoon said...

1937 was the year the Hindenburg engulfed in flames.
Also Branson was miffed losing out to Camelot. he seemed hell-bent on winning the lottery, I thought he had a little more business acumen than that, but then whoever runs the lottery has a lot of influence on cultural and social programmes, and the type of people who get the nod
Great lengthy ongoing article. Lakes , in Nevada?

Vapo said...

I was wondering about the numbers because all I see is 2,3,37,2007.. 70..1937..and with Moons post I am more curious than ever..


FilmNoir23 said...

The Earhart, Hindenburg connection is quite it would be a 60 cycle between those two major events and all the recent "air" related events (and those yet to come...keep Zeppelin reunion in mind)

The Camelot lottery is something I know very little about but if Branson is involved, I can't help but consider it VERY worthy of looking into. Thanks for that HUGE insight guys.

I will look at the "numbers" but if any of you researchers who are gifted in that area would like to take a stab at it, I'd be most thankful.

I have been recording some voice-over blurbs for Soundlessdawn over the past few days for his newest video. Sorry if I have been slow to respond.

Newspaceman said...

Hiya, I believe that the Romans classed 3rd July as the first of the dog days, after Sirius, the dog star.

Also, meant to say, the uk has several lottery machines chosen at random. Names like Arthur etc.

Merlin stands at 108 uses as at 5th september 2007. 108 equals 2 squared x 3 cubed. a synch maybe ?

will think about others



Newspaceman said...

Hiya again, sorry, vapo - have a look at the number 37 on wikipedia

In particular, sections on centered hexagonal number - and at bottom of that page a link to flower of life. fleur de lis ?

One thing I couldnt see on wiki is that if you add all the numbers below 37, ie 36 + 35 + 34... down to 1, it totals 666.


Mark Leclair said...

To all a hello,

A word about the numbers from 'vapo'.

Today on Oprah - '237 reasons to have sex'. For 'sex', it is established to read 'six' and vice versa. (See Carlo Suares for inspiration Waw = 6).

237 seems to say. (To)ward Thirty Seven - or evenmore so Toward Three Sevens.

Toward 777. As pointed out by Newspaceman, 1 + 2 + 3...+ 36 = 666. Therefore 36 + 1 implies the ineffable repetition of the fraction 2/3 - which is in itself a sigil of The Golden Spiral.

Ok- Please consider the words of Dovid Krafchow in '2012 Expained' This 22 minute long lecture is very cogent. Do not be put off by Mr. Krafchow's appearance, he knows his shizzy. He is not just some rant'n'raver.

According to Krafchow 2012 is the beginning of the 'Age of Woman'.

To me, this is the 'Age of Eve', and therefore implies the eternal descent of Mankind precipitated when Eve partook of G-D-ly Knowledge. The Biblical term 'To Know' specifically means 'To Have Sex'. This idea fits in with Tsarion's exegisis of the Alantaean genetic experiments.

666 is the completion of 'The Fall of Man'.

777 is the establishment of Babalon .

237 reasons to have sex, indeed!

See ya's all in Babalon!

Da WWWiz

Mark Leclair said...

Hey Vapo & Todd,

I thought that my last comment might be a little lengthy and a bit off topic for your Fossett post, so I posted it on my own blog with the title 'Europ-rah, Europ-rah'.

It should elucidate some of vapo's numerical interests.

Thanks Dude.

Vapo said...

Thank you very much Newspaceman and Mark for your input..I greatly appreciate it! Though I am not a numbers person, I continually see numbers common to major events.. it's probably all in my mind.

On a ending note:
The first Zeppelin flight occurred on July 2, 1900 over the Bodensee

Again thanks for the input!

BEEwell and have a great day!


Crackpot! said...

Forgive me if this was discussed already(didn't have time to read every comment).

Has the possibility that Steve Fossett may have entered restricted airspace been raised? You know, the kind of restricted airspace that doesn't exist(wink, wink, nudge, nudge)? To me, a hot air balloon would be the perfect observation vehicle, and if indeed there is something not to be seen in that area, the uninitiated would have to "dis-appear".



FilmNoir23 said...


Not exactly, although in Part I, I mentioned that 90% of Nevada is actually under restricted airspace, we came to terms with Area 51 mostly likely having been moved from it's previous location which was certianly within flying distance for Fossett.

Oddly, today the Air Force claims to have some possible Radar & Satellite data which might place his flight path towards Death took three weeks to come up with something? Hmmmm, I smell a cover-up coming.

aferrismoon said...

The Branson-Camelot thang was some years ago, and Newspaceman probably has better info on it than me. Branson bought trains instead, and of course the condoms , and airlines , oh and the Virgin Coke, since Peru is bobbing around these articles.
Maybe 1937 = a Prime number , 19 and 37 are . 19 is nearly half of 37
Nice one on the names of the lottery machines.
Other disappearing pilots and passengers- Glenn Miller and Antoine de Saint-Exupery [ The Little Prince]

Newspaceman said...

Todd, hiya, I was thinking about Merlin and it came back to me about a recent news story I had heard on local BBC Scotland television, it being claimed Merlin lived in Glasgow, rather than the Pentland Hills, further east.

I just checked the article, it was the 27th August, a date you have referred to in connection with Branson, I thought you may be interested.


FilmNoir23 said...

this lottery connection has been up and down for me...but I must say that the name thing has me intrigued. It looks like this weekend will be the last push to find him (Fossett) and likely the last posts I will make about it unless something VERY odd comes up.

I VERY MUCH appreciate the continued supply of possible links.

aferrismoon said...

Its possible that Merlin [ Myrddin in Welsh] fictional or otherwise could have lived there as Glasgow = Glas Coed [ Glaas Koyed] which means Blue Woods .