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Thursday, August 14, 2008

BUS-iness as usual

"Jesters do oft prove prophets." (V, iii, l. 73) King Lear

Ever since the horrific events unfolded on a Greyhound BUS in Winnipeg, Canada...we've witnessed a global ripple of beheadings...I have no good explanation or theory as to WHAT or WHY this Copycat Effect [see Loren Coleman] is taking place...random acts? MKultra based assassins?...maybe. I don't claim to know the deeper significance...but I do see the patterns and synchronicities, and I will continue to present these events (no matter how gruesome) because I do feel they act as some sort of code/symbol/signal system.

It is NOT my intent to trivialize these events (I believe they speak for themselves), nor to disrespect those who perish. Thats really ALL I plan on saying on the subject.

What hasn't really been fully connected thus far is the ASIAN/Olympic energy or the number of BUS related events that have followed our Winnipeg event. If you understand that China was chosen to secede the United States as the next ruling order in NWO, the current propaganda/Asian hate dichotomy should come as no real surprise.

Interesting hand placement Phoenix

08/07/08 Miami-
Phoenix resonator and former VIETNAMESE prisoner of war John McCain's campaign BUS is involved in a fender bender.

An official with the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston said many of those on the bus Friday were from the VIETNAMESE Martyrs Church of Houston and were on their way to a religious festival honoring the Virgin Mary in Carthage, Mo. The Marian Days pilgrimage, which started in the late 1970s, attracts thousands of Catholics of Vietnamese descent each year. [An event that is co-sponsored by The KNIGHTS of ColumBUS]

***Maritime Signal ALERT***

08/13/08 Xinjiang, CHINA-
The bus overturned on a remote mountain road leading to Artux city. Many of the passengers were high school students from Han Chinese families as well as the Kirgiz ethnic minority.

08/13/08 Beixiaoying Town, CHINA-
Three Chinese were critically injured and a Croatian coach (Dragutin Milinkovic was struck in the HEAD and had cuts and bruises.) was taken to the hospital following a collision between a bus from the athletes' village and a van on the way to the Olympic rowing park.

There are some interesting bus moments in the new Batman film as well...our Joker connections have been well documented. However, Koncrete Junkyard provides this interesting tidbit:

22=Fool/Joker See Gosporn's "Why so serious?" for more

In a sync wink during the Dark Knight The Joker also makes a getaway in a Bee(hexagon) school bus numbered 22(Fool card/11:11/k2/ Day Ledger died/ Tim McClean's age)-

And least we forget one of the early JOKER decapitations:

ASIA Ferguson (17) was killed at Six Flags over Georgia last week after crossing into a restricted area of the park and being decapitated by the park's hanging "Batman" ride...the Dark Knight strikes again.

The seemingly well coordinated release of "The Dark Knight" and "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" have acted as a MIRROR/LOOKING GLASS [see Goro Adachi's current work on this dramatic development to our current state of existence] and could be at the heart of the doubling effects written about by Jake Kotze and others in relation to HH's, MM's and KK's.

Even the British Telegraph online raises an eyebrow:

"The film is either very timely or very canny in its release date. With the world's eyes on Beijing and the Olympics, the producers have managed to hustle as many elements of Chinese culture and history as possible into the story: feng shui, kung fu, mystical ancient knowledge, the Great Wall, terracotta armies, even noodle soup. I'm only surprised the producers didn't try to rope in Jingjing the panda for a cameo."

Consider the appearance of YETI in the new Mummy film, the "supposed" discovery of BIGFOOT in rural North GEORGIA (Not too far from my homebase here in Athens), and the recent invasion of GEORGIA by the Russians.

Bigfoot rears his head in "The Dark Knight" as well...image borrowed from the kids at the Synchromysticism Forum...lots of ongoing independent research happening there all day long it seems.


Jenn said...

Wonderful post! This particularly struck me as I have lived in your land of the kudzu vine (Watkinsville GA), and now I reside about an hour east of Carthage MO (where the pilgrims were headed). Funny, the drive from Springfield to Carthage runs on MO-96...As above, so below! Namaste!

Terry said...

nice post, interesting syncs going on.

Newspaceman said...

"If you understand that China was chosen to secede the United States as the next ruling order in NWO"

You sure about that Todd?


FilmNoir23 said...

Jenn: Watkinsville...well, yes you were right next door so to speak!
69-OM interesting...

How is life in MO.?

Thanks Terry!

Well, if you are asking if I have any inside info, no...but all signs do point to it in my mind. What would you suggest otherwise?

eugene said...

A Joker to throw under the bus...

Return to Sender

Newspaceman said...

I was just wondering if you did Todd, yes.

I don't see how a particular country could be a ruling order within a world order, nor do I see America as being the real power behind the drive towards its (nwo) creation.

For sure America is the maybe country but is it not the "banks" that in effect run America (by lending to the government) and do we not need to look closer into who runs/owns the banks and financial institutions to find who really will be the ruling order of a new world order, as I am certain it will not be a particular country, rather perhaps a family.

Notwithstanding that, over here it is India we hear of prospering (and Westernising) and of Turkey's desire to join a new world order via Europe - a place Obama also wishes to rebuild strong ties with judging by his speech in Berlin.

Personally, I see a bankrupt America being "bailed out" by "Europe" - but the same "bankers" behind the scenes.

I have nothing against America - it was always her destiny.


ViølatoR said...

That's some weird wild stuff. My dad just sent me an email with a link to an archaeological find in Britain. Several Roman sarcophagi were found, one which was opened had a headless child in it.