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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A GOD we can believe in?

RE: or RA from Egyptian...Re (Ra) was the Egyptian sun god who was also often referred to as Re-Horakhty, meaning Re (is) Horus of the Horizon, referring to the god's character. The early Egyptians believed that he created the world, and the rising sun was, for them, the symbol of creation. The daily cycle, as the sun rose, then set only to rise again the next morning, symbolized renewal and so Re was seen as the paramount force of creation and master of life.

DY or perhaps DIE?

SET: from Egyptian... Set was the god of the desert. Set was viewed as immensely powerful, and was regarded consequently as the chief god. Set carried the epithet, "His Majesty", shared only with Ra.

It has been announced that Barack Obama will orate his Democratic acceptance speech away from the Pepsi Convention Center, instead vying for a more humble audience of 80,000+ at Invesco Field on a stage which is to be constructed to resemble an ancient Greek Temple.

The last such off site speech was given by John F. Kennedy in 1960 at the Los Angeles Coliseum. Again, Obama and the powers that be have invoked the sacrificial elder GODS of American history...Good luck with that.

Inside the Temple of Obama in Denver (NWO), Colorado


Jake Kotze said...

Lovely find Todd.

Be well

FilmNoir23 said...

Ah, thank you kind sir!

Know Nothing said...

Nice one!

Michael said...

I note that Michelle Obama was wearing a prominent solar broach in her speech at Democratic Convention.