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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who watches the SENTINEL?

"It was only a matter of time before we found the pyramid and forced it open. Now its signals have ceased, and those whose duty it is will be turning their minds upon Earth. Perhaps they wish to help our infant civilization. But they must be very, very old, and the old are often insanely jealous of the young."

---from "The Sentinel"

Lovecraftian "Old Ones" inspired Sentinels from "The Matrix"

Just in case you've visited New York or live in the city and haven't felt safe since 9/ is on the way. New York plans to install a security system that will track every vehicle that enters the island of Manhattan. Along with radiation detectors, explosive trace detection systems, the overall plan also includes "mobile teams of heavily armed officers".

The system is aptly dubbed Operation "Sentinel" (a more exciting term for guard)...special attention will be paid to the area directly around "Ground Zero" and the site of the former WTC Towers. Could this sound any more like "Escape from New York"? Or maybe it brings to mind the Sentinel from the "Matrix" instead?...but did you know that the original short story by Arthur C. Clarke which would later be expanded upon to become his masterpiece "2001: A Space Odyssey" was entitled "The Sentinel"?...this video based tracking system should be in place by...yeah, you guessed it, 2010.

from wikipedia the synopsis of "The Sentinel":

The story deals with the discovery of an artifact on Earth's Moon left behind eons ago by ancient aliens. The object is made of a polished mineral and tetrahedral in shape, and is surrounded by a spherical forcefield. The first-person narrator speculates at one point that the mysterious aliens who left this structure on the Moon may have used mechanisms belonging "to a technology that lies beyond our horizons, perhaps to the technology of para-physical forces."

For millennia (evidenced by dust buildup around its forcefield) the artifact has transmitted signals into deep space, but it ceases to transmit when the astronauts who discover it breach the forcefield. The narrator hypothesises that this "sentinel" was left on the moon as a "warning beacon" for the possible intelligent and spacefaring life that might develop on Earth.

Transglobal Underground's highly resonate "Sentinel"


Ben Fairhall said...

Excellent stuff... Clarke's contribution to the NWO is well summarised in Hoffman's Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. The arrival of the Sentinel- so close to the Omega Point of 2010/2012- is indeed timely.


FilmNoir23 said...

Thanks Ben!

Hoffman's book is likely best my next purchase. Just found The First Global Revolution by Club of Rome here at UGA library which I am working on now.

I was well struck by the Clarke connection myself.