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Monday, August 25, 2008

Little less Ohhhhh, Ohhhh-lympics

Sleeping dragon awakes?

The Chinese, in keeping with their orgasmic display of old and new during the 2008 Olympic Opening ceremony would thus continue the trend during it's closing ceremonies [CERES] when it would wheel out aged former (?) Crowley-ite Jimmy Page (64 years young ladies and Gents) and Leona Louise Lewis (12/12/12 and "Lewis" -son of a Mason) to pass the "douche" from Beijing to London. In all honesty, I had no idea who the stunning 23 year old even was...turns out she won a Brit TV talent show called "X-Factor", and could very likely be taking a job from Celine Dion in Vegas any year now. In resonate "creep" factor, the London portion of the ritual involved an enigmatic double-decker BUS, which for me only brought to mind the London Bombings of 7/7. In yet another twist of fate a double-decker BUS crash near an amusement park (Alton Towers) in Staffordshire, England on Monday, August 18th 2008 left one dead and over 70 injured. The BUS/Amusement connection continues.

Oh these kids today with their sex, drugs, text messaging and rock n' roll??? Well, maybe not...turns out Miss Lewis requested that the ever popular "Every INCH of my love..." line from Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" be watered down for the masses of Chinese; glued to their countries "Coming Out" party. A bit of decapitation/castration in it's own right, no?

Sorry, but if this is the amount of Mojo that is to be mustered as some kind of planetary spell...they'll have to do better than that. I'm sure Matthew Delooze or Christopher Knowles will write something amazing that will strip down the entire production for us, and I hope they do...Part Deux, the closing felt more like I was watching Tim Burton's "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory" at a point. [some interesting connections here as well...more to come]

Two of our's from across the pond Newspaceman & PseudoOccultMedia bring the following:
Oddly, ALL video of the event has been removed by Youtube? In an effort to...what? Maintain the coming money stream for the Page/Lewis CD of gutless Zeppelin covers or is it NBC expecting big returns on DVD sales of the ritual in the weeks and months to come...A shame to not be able include it in this post, as there was one interesting moment where the camera frames Jimmy Page, his guitar, and the giant Olympic flame burning way above him all in one tight compact shot...the Magick lives on.

"Prior to each Games, the Olympic Flame is lit in Olympia, Greece and brought to the host city by runners carrying the torch in relay. There it plays an important role in the opening ceremonies. Though the torch fire has been around since 1928, the relay was introduced in 1936 as part of the then German government's attempt to promote their National Socialist ideology."

An estimated 40 Billion spent...Other than shutting down factories in Beijing for nearly a month so Athletes could actually breathe, not much ECO-friendliness going on...human rights continue to be trampled or completely thrown under the BUS while the world now sees China in a new light, hmmm, maybe it did work? The NWO continues to roll...all the way to London in 2012 (THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON).


David said...

Plenty of evidence for those looking for clues that the world ends in 2012 in London.

Kal Dani said...

I also had noticed the bus and beheadings being an avid news watcher. Thanks for the interesting article.

Curiously i was reading your article about the buses for the second time and i decided to then check myself to see what "bus" incidents would come up on google and to my great surprise the first thing was the Alton towers breking news story as it had crashed just an hour before!

Incidentaly did you know that Hillary Clinton will be 22,222 days old at the final day of democrat convention? 222 days prior on the 19th Jan she had her votes tallied and one 51% OF THE VOTE, SHE WAS 22,000 DAYS old.

Obama the day after the convention and his crowning will have been in office 1333 days.

Arnie who was inaugurated on November 17 2003 as governor will be 3333 days in office on January 1 2013...two weeks later someone will be sworn in as president.

Arnie was featured in Time magazine (TIME - skull &Bones) wearing a skull bones belt buckle and an unrelated side article on the mag cover said "who will have the courage to be the president we need?" Duhhh...erm..Anie?

Bush said "i wouldn't bet against Arnie becoming president"

President Kennedy would have been 33,333 days old if he had lived on the 1st September incidentaly and the 33,333 days since fatima vision is oct 16.

Kal Dani said...

Ps, take a look at my numerological event chart you might find it interesting. The blog is now online again, im due to do an update very soon!

Cheers, Kal

Kal Dani said...

Sorry to be a pest, forgot one last thing, not that its too imprtant just yet!

Arnies reign as gov started on November 17 which is the 321st day of the year except in a leap year wherein it is 322..number of the skull and bones.

November 17 in 2012 the usa election year will be on a leap year.

FilmNoir23 said...

David! Nice to have you back checking in on things around here. This time 4 years from now will be a rather chilling point indeed.

Thanks for all the info!I appreciate the input!

Michael said...

Kal, great 322 synch! I was thinkin' aboot that torch relay from Olympus, which is perhaps a re-enactment of Prometheus stealing fire from the Gods - "illumination" spreading 'round the world. In LOTR, one of the most amazing scenes is when they light the warning bonfire at Minas Tirith and the fire is "relayed" around Middle Earth, mountain top to mountain top.

Minas Tirith is called "The City of Kings", and given its concentric ring design, it could be standing in for Atlantis or the Tower of Babel. Relays hand off a baton - "stick" in French, and you have a "Red Stick" down there in Louisiana.

Newspaceman said...

Todd, hiya

is the link to the full BBC video. But beware, when I try to watch it, it crashes my pc every time. So do some other sites though, I think it is the pirate windows I have installed.


Anyway, thanks for the heads up