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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shine on Crazy Diamond...

Fellow researcher, and friend Kent Daniel Bentkowski aka "Kentroversy" passed away Wednesday July 30th, 2008.

I was lucky enough to have been asked to appear on Kent's podcast The Kentroversy Tapes on two separate occasions; as well as having appeared on Occult of Personality's round table discussion of writer H.P. Lovecraft along with Kent, and researcher Tracey Twyman.

Kent went out of his way to befriend me VERY early into my public research life. To say that I was honored and extremely nervous is a huge understatement but speaking with Kent was the easiest thing in the world. He made me feel relaxed and welcomed into the vast online world of conspiracy research; and for that I will be forever thankful.

Here is Kent's original introduction of my work...

Kentroversy Tapes podcast # 11, I am joined by Internet researcher Todd Campbell of the blog site THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. As I am interested in giving some exposure and publicity to some of the newer voices in the esoteric research movement, Todd certainly fit the bill. He has some very intriguing writings, and is one to keep an eye upon, in terms of his future work.

After that first podcast, Kent and I stayed on the phone for another hour talking, just getting to know one another, he even decided I needed a snappy banner for my site; and so he threw together the original "Through The Looking Glass" header for me...he was that kind of guy.

Greg from Occult of Personality and Henrik from Red Ice Creations have put together a really great tribute to Kent, I hope that my readers will take a moment to visit...listen to a podcast, read an article for Kentroversy.


dedroidify said...

He will be missed

I just wanted to say I listened to your podcasts at kentroversy and really enjoyed them, it's inspiring to hear about others' adventures in Chapel Perilous, thanks!

Nightghost said...

I enjoyed his show. Gonna miss him.

David said...

You could not have put it better, shine on.