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Friday, January 4, 2008

Big Game Hunting

I'm back from a bit of a holiday hiatus, mostly created by lack of computer access than anything else but I have been keeping a close eye on things since right before Christmas. Here is a brief rundown leading up New Year's and into the first 4 days of 2008.

In keeping with this year's ORANGE alignments, we've had a number of significant events this week that do seem to support researcher Goro Adachi's claims of a coming modern Trojan War.
On Tuesday, December 25th yet another BRIDGE collapse, this time in Nepal, which resulted in a chain of events that we had seen multiple times already towards the end of last year.

"Tatiana" attacks three at San Francisco Zoo

One location that might play a substantial role in this unfolding drama is the state of California, with many signs pointing to San Francisco in particular. On Christmas Day 2007 an ORANGE Siberian Tiger escaped (?) and attacked three people killing one at the San Fran ZOO (OZ).,0,1398084.story?coll=la-home-center

Less than 24 hours later Pakistani front-runner for Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto is assassinated, violence erupts across the region and conspiracy theories abound. General elections were scheduled to take place in Pakistan on January 8th coinciding with the New Hampshire Primary in the U.S.. Due to ongoing unrest and investigations these elections have been suspended for the time being.

Mr. Adachi points out that the Iowa Caucus which kicks off the 2008 U.S. elections takes place in the "Hawkeye" state and directly resonates with The Eye of Horus and a possible January Deep Impact scenario. From the ETEMENAKI website entries dated:

Bright Orange Sun-God Horus. Hawkeye (Iowa)/ Jayhawk (Kansas)

11/19: Note the Pakistan elections planned for January 8 coinciding with the New Hampshire Primary (US presidential) currently scheduled for January 8. While these dates may not hold, something very significant is going on with these elections/polls early January (including the Iowa Caucus on Jan. 3rd). The underlying theme is, again, 'Orange Revolution'. The window - and pretty much the entire month - is also somehow directly or indirectly 'nuclear' in nature and generally 'Deep Impact'. Here is an important fact you're probably not aware of yet: NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft is flying toward us and is set to fly by Earth on/around December 31. That's symbolically huge... and an ominous way to start the New Year. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

1/03: Today Earth is at its closest point to the Sun (perihelion), coinciding with the Iowa presidential caucuses... in the 'Hawkeye State' (nickname). A 'hawk eye' is analogous to a 'Horus eye' since the Egyptian sun-god was identified with the hawk/falcon (usually depicted with a hawk/falcon head). The 'Eye of Horus', as mentioned before, is a major component of the 'secret communication' involving Deep Impact which just flew by Earth on New Year's Eve...

Also of note, the same evening (Jan 3rd) saw the underdog Kansas (OZ) Jayhawks (Horus resonating) defeat the Virginia Tech Hokies (who connect with Turkeys and thus Troy) in the ORANGE Bowl. See my posts for earlier commentary on November/December "sports" related ORANGE alignments. We also saw two tigers tangle on December 31st as the Auburn Tigers took on, and defeated the Clemson Tigers in an overtime game at the Atlanta based Chick-fil-A Bowl (formerly known as the Peach Bowl). Both schools colors feature ORANGE prominently.

In more election news, December 27th saw elections in Kenya which have since produced some 300 deaths as the ORANGE Democratic Movement has attempted to stage protests after the election of Mwai Kibaki. After an extremely close victory in the election, opposition leaders have claimed election fraud which has sparked a Government crackdown on the general population.

The rescheduled launch on January 10th of the Space Shuttle Atlantis which was to factor into this equation was just this morning scrubbed yet again, and will most likely be delayed until sometime in February if a launch window of January 24th cannot be met.


Vapo said...

Hello Todd ~ Hope you enjoyed the Holidays..nice to see you back at it!

Without going into extensive detail I still think Goro is hitting on all 8 cylinders into the Orange..and to keep this short..a prediction..sometime back I mentioned that Ahhnold would be running in 2012..and now that the Iowa thing is done I am completely confident that it will come to pass..why?..a stretch perhaps but I keep thinking about the checkerboard..Black and that said I think Obama will be the next President..2012 - Black and White(Ahhnold)..maybe I watch too many movies :)

Speaking of movies.. if you have not watched "Demolition Man" I recommend it..HIGHLY symbolic

Have a great day and BEE well!


JB said...

I'm REALLY sick and tired of waiting for it. Signs, symbols, more signs, more symbols... I wanna see some f***ing ACTION already! And not ANOTHER lame bridge collapse, something MAJOR! This feels longer than the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. I hope it doesn't end the same way.

aferrismoon said...

Barack Obama's father is Kenyan I think, well the guy speaks Swahili , so I guess so.
Strangely 2 words in English used to begin with an 'N' or used to have one before getting anglicised -
NARANJA and NAPRON which became an Orange and an Apron, for when those messy Mason kids were peeling fruit

Joshua said...

Todd is back!
Alright lets get it on for 08.
All this orange...
I watched Rollerball(1975) last night, talk aboot some orange.Orange everywhere in that film, and the finals
Houston (orange and black)vs.
Tokyo (yellow and black). I just loved it; a pro athelete waking up,grand truly grand.
I also watched
The Wind That Shakes the Barley
worth a view as well, not orange themed other than showing the divisions on the irish flag
green, white and orange and how the country was divided. Check it out if the opportunity arises.

chill brother chill. Your patience will be rewarded, trust me.

David said...

Bloody good to have you back.

Tatiana, Saint Titiana so linked to Apollo, Earthquakes, the circus and being thrown to big cats ...

As for Rollerball, I could write forever on how that film and how it bled the future through into 1975.

Fuck the Con
Fuck the Corps
And fuck the Game

JB said...

Joshua- "JB, chill, brother, chill. Your patience will be rewarded."

lol Its not as if I, or any of us, have any options other than waiting, is there? Oh, wait, I forgot, I have cosmic superpowers that will allow me to manipulate reality at will, I just didn't want to use them, that's all. ;p

mark leclair said...

Hi Todd,

I'm glad you included the Tiger attack as a significant Orange Event, (rage, anger, energy). If one considers such an event as a marker of Orange Alignment, then it follows that we are talking about manipulation on a cosmic level. Could it be that WE (the watchers and searchers) are trying to send a message to ourselves, from the future?

And to vapo, re: Obama. Obama will not win because the US isn't ready for a black woman president.