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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Peace of Mind

1960's counter-culturalist, co-founder of the alternative East Village Other newspaper in New York City, and author of the 1978 book "Operation Mind Control", Walter Bowart passed away on December 18th, 2007 of colon cancer.

Bowart, 68, was born in Omaha, NE. For some links to his writings and works in the area of mind control please click here,0,1008455.story?coll=la-books-headlines


BTB said...

Wow... Fascinating. I am just in the middle of an article re: the Westroads Mall Shooting, in Omaha, NE, when I see this.

I had no idea Bowart had died. Thanks for the update.


FilmNoir23 said...

It didn't get much (if any?) play in conspiracy circles which is why I decided to post.

The fact that Bowart was born in Omaha seemed a HOT sync to me.

Atlantean Times said...

You may have seen this comment it cocked up 1st time so if it didnt show here it is...

Derren brown did a trick of whats known in card tricks as a force..I.e he forces you to pick the card he is thinking of..

It involved 2 guys who draw up sketch proposals for adds..He wanted them to sketch up an add for a taxidermy co and drew a sketch before hand...They drew exactly what he envisioned...

They were lead to it by deliberate and purposefull symbols inserted into their taxi ride to the office where he had them do up a sketch..

This is possibly the only example of something like this shown publicly..


aferrismoon said...

Hogwart Bowart GWBowart and the Ms appearing on the cover of the book via the frequency image.
Butterfly = Motyl in Czech, Motley? Fool
Westroads Mall - Wario Mario, the old WM thing.
Does MK = MontauK , is that why its called MK Ultra. I'm ignorant of its origins, or MonarK perhaps?

JB said...

aferrismoon, MK stands for Mind-Kontrol, Kontrol because it is Nazi German in origin.

BTB said...

Hi Aferrismoon,

The 'official' story is that the MK stands for Mind Kontrolle (the latter crafted after the Germanic spelling, apparently.)

But either of your explanations are probably equally as likely.

Hope you're well,

aferrismoon said...

Cheers Ben and Jay Bee - I asked a German and he says in German it would be Gedanken Kontrol [ Thoughts Control], but I guess MINDKONTROL = some sort of Hybrid immigrant Nazi joke
Anyhow , no chance they would use Mind Control with all those freedom - lovin' MCs hitting the scene a few years later. No chance the Gangster Gedanken [ too much like Danikin] got cooked up in MK circles

DarĂ­o Antonio said...

Hello. I am Mexican journalist. Alive in city of Mexico. Some years ago a presumed victim of the Monark/MKultra operation made contact with enemy with me. She assured that they had carried out combat operations in Mexico. I would like to know if you can orient to me on the matter.