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Friday, January 11, 2008

Killer in the Home

Without going into too much detail, today the funerals of two Sioux City, Iowa girls will take place. They were apparently murdered by their step-father after he claims a pagan-based "protection" spell he was performing "went bad".

The bodies of eight-year-old Alysha Suing and her ten-year-old sister, Kendra, were found Sunday January 6th in their burning home, only three days after the Iowa Caucus was held in the state.

On Saturday, January 5th a Tyler, Texas man was arrested and charged with killing and cooking parts of his girlfriend. The man, Christopher Lee McCuin claims that GOD compelled him to do so.

In an equally grisly story, Banita Jacks of Washington, D.C. has been charged in the deaths of her 4 daughters after their bodies were discovered in the home. Jacks claims they were possessed by demons.

"Killer in the Home" Adam and the Ants. To this day one of my all-time favorite bands.

I live the life that I've been left
I leave most things unspoken
but deep inside Geronimo is tearing me apart
I've seen him in the streets
and I've seen him in the pictures
killer in the home
killer in the home

now's the time I must digress
from going through the motions
take my head out of its sling
free the warrior
I'll fight him in my dreams
and I'll fight him till he kills me
killer in the home
killer in the home

they cut you in half with a gun
and give you a bandaid
they gut you in half with a gun
and give you a bandaid

killer in the home
killer in the home
is the home

From todays "News from Indian Country" Harlyn Geronimo pleads with the Bush White House and Yale's Skull & Bones Society for the return of his great-grandfather's Skull & Bones.

In the meantime former Bonesman John Kerry throws his support behind Barack Obama, perhaps in a play for a VP bid?

Fellow Bonesman and current U.S. President G. W. Bush announced today that the United States should have bombed the Nazis at Auschwitz during WWII...making him the first sitting President to do so. And, considering his family involvement in War Profiteering and Nazi sympathizing during the war, this statement likely makes him a bold-faced liar too...but then we already knew that didn't we?

For anyone interested in the current political circus happening in the U.S., I highly recommend Ben Fairhall's recent post entitled "Black Camelot".


JB said...

Bad waves in the air, with all of these murders.

Btw, I re-finished my "Like a sword from a stone" uber-article on my sight, and you should check out the couple of comments I made after yours.

BTB said...

Very interesting collection of stories here... I'm about to have a closer look, and will get back to you with any thoughts.